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Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast - Winter Fishing Tips from Boulder, with Antonio Rodrigues

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This week, we're continuing our series on winter fly fishing for trout.  I interview Antonio Rodrigues [42:50] manager of Front Range Anglers in Boulder, Colorado, and he has a different take on winter fly fishing, and some different methods.  I've found it fascinating to see how each guest approaches this differently and hope you pick up some tips as well.

In the Fly Box this week, we have these questions and tips from listeners:

What do you use for a fly box when surf fishing?

I have not had good luck with guide trips and want to know what you recommend so I get a better trip next time.

Are fly rods built on continuous blanks and then cut into sections, or is each section made separately?  And are sections interchangeable from one rod to another?

What is the purpose of adding flash to nymph patterns?

A tip on using special flies for casting practice.

What do I do about fishing places where lots of swimmers have been?

Are wire bite guards worth it?Can I tie a 3X tippet to a 3mm tippet ring?

Are all Orvis leader lengths built to the same basic taper or are they different?

Another suggestion on where to donate flies you don't want.

What uses do you have for magnets when fishing?

What do I use huge streamer patterns like the Manbearpig for, and how should I fish them?

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