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  1. Miss xyz, I can check her exact shoe size cannot remember, also will for sure consider some mens gear for her. I am in the Edmonton area so i am not too close to the Calgary area...heading down to the Bow for a week on Wed this week. thanks for the info, appreciated, Tmate. =)
  2. Thanks for the link and the information on the waders and boots, i am in Fort Saskatchewan so i will have a good look in Wholesale Sports..online it looked like they had some gear on sale...Gonna head down that way for a week of fishing on Wed....again thanks cheers Tmate.
  3. I have to like your ingenuity...hey if it seems to work for ya, sounds like a great idea, cheers.
  4. Travelmate

    Nymph Setups

    When throwing a two hook set up lets say bend to eye, have many of you used two dries at the same time? approx 18 inches apart or so? I have used the Stimmy to a copper john or something in the #16 range...
  5. Am looking into getting a decent starter set of waders and boots for my girlfriend, wonder if there anyone has come across some out there that might be worth a look. Not looking to spend what i did getting my good wear gear. Suggestions on make etc would be appreciated. Heading down Carseland way for a week next wednesday to camp/fish....looking forward to it.. cheers travelmate.
  6. Would anyone mind sharing a good imitation for the fall BWO hatch on the Bow..Anything appreciated... cheers tm
  7. Good pics of your hogs....like the one in the current as well...good backdrop... cheers tm
  8. Both of those fish are nice, the whitey is a fat one for sure, the brown is a true specimen in health...congrats
  9. Good on ya for collecting some losers trash when you are out, i do the same when i fish the Bow', try and pick up a piece or three before heading back to camp for disposal....It DOES slowly make a difference... cheers tm
  10. Good looking worm pattern, simple but effective...I have had decent luck with black ones as well tied the same way, sometimes with a floss red tail.. cheers, tm
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