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  1. I fly fished for pike in Cold Lake for several seasons. It is heavily fished with clear water and I found the pike there are leader shy for slow presentations. After trying light 9lb wire (still leader shy and destroyed by kinking), Mason hard nylon in 35 lb (50% bite offs and still a bit leader shy) I got to using 50 lb fluoro which solved the leader shy and the bite offs. If you inspect the leader for nicks after each fish and cut off the damaged section your leader will be pretty reliable. Also used snaps for fly changes. On fly choice I found spring pike prefer smaller flies and I had lots of success with 2" streamers on a long shank #2 or #4 hook. I also fished barbless to make release easier on me and the fish. Later in the season increase your fly size to match the forage. Rod choice a #8 or #9 weight in slower action as long casts were often necessary. Pike are also wary of anglers and have excellent eye sight. And be prepared to fish along the bottom. Bigger fish won't always move far to take a fly. In spring target shallow bays where there are reeds or other cover for spawning. Also wherever you think the warmest water will be as the bigger fish take a while to crank up their metabolism. Sunny afternoons with a light onshore wind are best.
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