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  1. Thanks for confirming, lorney. I have done my homework and studied the regulation better. I think I'll go to Glenmore reservoir in the summer so I can keep the fish, and in the meantime I'll order my license and train with catch and release in the Bow river by my house. I have found two good second-hand spin/cast sets, that'll be better for a beginner like me before I take on fly fishing. I bet spin casting in the Bow won't give me much and I'll struggle a lot with the Brown trouts but I need to practice anyway. Now I need to figure out which spinners will give the best results.
  2. Hi anglers! I'm new to Calgary and I'd like to take on fishing, I will probably start when the temperatures rise again. I live in front of Shouldice park where there are nice curves in the Bow river and the bank is accessible. I don't own a car yet so I'll have to wait before I can fish further. I saw that I can buy my license online. What I need help for is : Understanding the regulation: According to this website, Calgary is in a zone called ES1, and I have trouble understanding what is/isn't allowed in the Bow river. If I understood right, baits are banned and no fish can be kept, is
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