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  1. http:// fishing a small dry fly on the sheep river, first ever fly fishing catch!
  2. Thank you both For your inputs, looking forward to trying some different setups and places. Going to try sheep river in Okotoks, heard it’s a good spot to go, even if it’s small I can still get a feel for how the trout bite and how they like to fight. Will post a photo if I catch one on the bow!
  3. Hello guys and girl, new fly fishing angler here, not completely new to fishing though. Just finished my second day using a brown hopper and swapping between a leech nymph and olive wooly bugger hanging from the bottom. no luck but managed to only loose one leech nymph today due to a snag. None due to casting to aggressive! Have been casting about 45 degrees up stream, then pulling in the line. Not sure if that’s the proper way to fly fish. But looking for tips, types of places to fish, good flies and nymphs. Best time to use hoppers, stuff like that for a noobie, thanks in advance!
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