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Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast - Tips for Early Season Trout-Fishing Success, with BJ Gerhart


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This week, my guest is guide BJ Gerhart [33:50], a longtime veteran guide at Three Rivers Ranch in Idaho and one of the savviest anglers I know.  He shares his tips for getting around the common problems of early season trout fishing, mainly cold water and high flows.


In the Fly Box this week, we have some helpful tips from listeners, and some interesting questions for Tom, including:

  • If adult trout can’t see UV light, as you said in last week’s podcast, what should I do with all the UV and flashy materials I have in my fly-tying collection?
  • What kind of standard trout flies are closest to the kebari flies used in tenkara fishing?
  • When fishing a dry dropper, all the trout took my dry fly yet when I removed the nymph I stopped getting strikes.  What caused this?
  • Why are beads on nymphs usually gold?
  • Why is my casting worse when I use beadhead flies?
  • What are the main differences between the 9-foot and the 8-foot, 5-inch Helios rods for a 10-weight line?
  • Why is fly fishing for salmon in Great Lakes streams not as popular as steelhead fishing?
  • When choosing a fly line for a two-handed rod, should I add the grain weight of the sinking head to the grain weight of the Skagit head?
  • A great tip for wading safety with a buddy
  • A listener raves about the Orvis rod repair team
  • Do you think I should stop trout fishing at 60 degrees just to be safe?
  • Are there public resources I can use to find out if a river might be too high to fish?
  • A listener gives a tip for adding a long mono rig easily without the need to tie a clinch knot to the permanent loop in a fly line.

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