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Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast - How Trout See, with Jason Randall


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Can trout see color?  Can they see UV light?  How does a trout's window on the outside world affect how they feed and how they notice predators like us?  How can a trout see so well at night and also in bright light when they have no eyelids, and their pupils don't constrict?  Jason Randall [31:10] is an experienced fly fisher and scientist, and he stays up on the latest scientific papers on trout and also talks to leading scientists, and is one of the best at distilling this information for us ordinary anglers.  This is a fascinating podcast and Jason does a great job of explaining trout vision.   In the Fly Box this week, we have some great questions but also a bunch of great tips from listeners, including:
  • When water is low and the sun is bright, what tactics do you recommend for Great Lakes steelhead?
  • Four great fly-tying tips from a tier in the UK
  • I am looking at the 10-foot Helios rods.  For all-around fishing, should I get the 3-weight F model or the 4-weight D model?
  • A guide from the mid-Atlantic shares tips on targeting snakeheads
  • A young fly tier asks for advice on a moderately priced vise for tying bass flies
  • Why do my 9-foot 6X knotless leaders keep breaking?
  • A new fly fisher from Ohio recounts a wonderful experience he had on the river
  • A listener provides some great tips on rooftop rod carriers
  • A listener asks for suggestions for a book on the history of trout in North America

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