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Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast - Secrets of Small-Stream Trout Fishing, with Guide Charity Rutter


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My guest this week is Charity Rutter [39:50], a great friend and longtime guide in the Great Smoky Mountains.  She and her husband Ian have just finished a great book (I read the manuscript and loved it) and although it won't be available until April, you can pre-order it  here: 


Charity shares her secrets for making more out of your time on small waters, and although she concentrates on her area, she has fished small streams throughout North America and her tips will help you no matter where you fish.


In the Fly Box this week we have a nice assortment of questions and tips on fly fishing and fly tying, including:

  • Why do you hate hook keepers so much?

  • Is it true that you should not hook your fly onto your stripping guide?

  • A listener recounts his first experience with selling flies he tied himself.

  • A number of people chide me for not using a wading staff—yet.

  • Will it hurt my fly line if I stretch it first before fishing?

  • A listener gives some good advice on how to get out of a dangerous situation while wading, and how to prevent your waders from acting like a sea anchor.

  • A tip from a listener on how he deals with litter during a day of fishing and one on how he carries rods on the back seat of his vehicle.

  • A listener tells me how pleased he was with Orvis reel repair service.

  • Should I wear socks when wearing the new Pro Approach Hikers in salt water?

  • Can I Euro nymph in lakes and ponds?

  • A tip from a listener on making more durable peacock herl bodies.

  • Where should I put the heavy section of mono on a shock leader?

  • A listener shares a tip on playing darts during the winter to keep those casting muscles in shape

  • I used rubber soled wading shoes on slippery rocks and had poor traction.  Should I stud them or just get a pair of felt-soled boots?

  • In a remote lake with an inlet and outlet, will trout move into the outlet as well as the inlet?

  • How can I keep my dropper and tippet from slipping off my barbless hook when fishing with a dry dropper?  And what knot is best when attaching a dropper to a hook bend?

  • I have a 9-foot 5-weight rod and want a rod for fishing for panfish and streamers for trout.  What rod should I get next?


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