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Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast - Managing instream flows, with Hal Herring


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Hal Herring [50:31] has been reporting on conservation issues in the American West for over 30 years for Field & Stream magazine as well as other publications.  In this week's podcast, he explores the many complexities of trying to keep enough water in our rivers for both agriculture and trout populations, which has become an increasingly difficult juggling act.  Hal also gently berates today's hunters and anglers about educating themselves on the science and the politics behind these issues.  It's not enough to just complain about the lack of water—it's important to understand the issue before you can have a credible  opinion.   In the Fly Box this week, we have some great tips and questions, including:
  • Do bamboo and fiberglass rods load differently than graphite rods?
  • When you have a very limited time on a river, do you have a fishing method that gives you the most bang for your buck?
  • Is there an alternative to the "chuck and duck" method for fishing for salmon and steelhead on Michigan rivers?
  • If you are buying older fly tying material, what should you look for to make sure it has not been degraded?
  • How would you adjust your fly selection for smallmouth bass throughout the season?
  • Is rising or falling water better on a fluctuating tailwater?
  • Can I use my 10-foot, 8-weight rod in the surf?  
  • If my Mop flies have fallen apart, can I easily add a new piece of mop material to the hook and bead?  I am not a fly tier.
  • Are two three-turn whip finishes better than a single 6-turn whip finish?  
  • A tip that textured lines in a long day of stripping flies can cut into your fingers
  • Is the San Juan Shuffle ethical?
  • Is a fast action 5-weight rod actually a 6-weight?
  • I have been lipping bass for many years.  Why do you say it's bad for the fish?

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