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Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast - 10 Ways to Become a Better Fly Fisher, with Todd Tanner


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This week, my guest is Todd Tanner [39:47], a journalist who writes for many of the fly-fishing websites and magazines and is Fly Fishing editor of Sporting Classics magazine. Todd is also the president of Conservation Hawks, an organization dedicated to educating fishers and hunters on the threats of climate change, and is the president of the School of Trout. Todd is a thoughtful guy, and he discusses the ten things he sees as essential to becoming a great fly fisher. And no, we don't talk about choosing the right fly or using the correct knot. I think some of his thoughts about this topic will surprise you and may make you think differently about your path to becoming happier and less insecure on a trout stream.

We have some great questions and tips in the Fly Box this week, including:

I want to start Euro nymphing. What's most important--should I look at a new rod, a new reel, or a new line?

Which is better for a bonefish leader--nylon or fluorocarbon?

A high school senior informs us of a conservation issue and an innovative way to raise funds for the cause.

What books should I get as a guide to western hatches?

Is it a good idea to attach my leader to a permanent section of monofilament with a blood knot as opposed to a loop-to-loop connection?

Tips from a listener on the value of journaling and how to make an insect seine out of your landing net.

Should I be using fishing clasps on my trout flies? Is it OK to practice casting in the snow?

What should I look at when upgrading my small-stream trout rod?

Can steelhead mate with resident rainbows?

A suggestion from a listener on why a "dangling" fly is attractive to trout.

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