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Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast - Sascha Danylchuk on Species-Specific Release Techniques


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This week my guest is Sascha Clark Danylchuk [1:05:54], executive director of Keepfishwet.org and a fish biologist who has intensively studied the science of releasing fish in a responsible manner. We've talked a lot about trout lately in the podcast, so this one is on recommended release techniques for bass, panfish, pike, bonefish, redfish, and tarpon--plus a little on cold-water releases of trout.

In the Fly Box this week, we had an unusually good collection of questions and tips--maybe because I was out of the office for a couple weeks so I had a lot to choose from. I want to write a fishing book. What do you suggest? What is the proper etiquette when I see other people on the river? I need a Yellowstone cutthroat to complete my Utah cutthroat slam. They are only found in a small stream. How should I go about approaching this stream and what techniques should I use to make sure I complete my Slam? Why is wet-fly fishing often called a "lost art"? Why do I have trouble landing small brook trout on barbless hooks? Why do the trout in France bump my hopper flies and not always eat them? How do you approach a situation where insects are hatching but you don't see any trout feeding? How can I catch large trout rising infrequently in a very slow pool? A tip from a listener on how to get more fly-tying time Do lakes and ponds fish well in the rain? Some great advice from an Orvis-endorsed guide on fly-tying tips for beginners. Why don't fly-rod manufacturers use foam instead of cork for rod handles? How can I land large trout feeding on small flies? A tip for using a common kitchen product for cleaning cork handles on rods. Do modern ferrules still need wax? Is it possible that the large rainbows in Colorado reservoirs could be fall spawners?

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