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Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast - Winter Fishing in Shirtsleeves, with Jamie Rouse

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You may not be able to fish without a jacket every day on the Arkansas tailwaters but some day it's a possibility. A nice change at this time of year. I talk with Jamie Rouse of Rouse Fly Fishing [42:53] on what kind of conditions he sees during the winter, what tactics and flies he uses, and how to avoid late-spawning fish. Makes me want to head south.

In the Fly Box this week, we have these questions and tips: What can I do to make the flies I tie float like the ones I buy in the fly shop? Can you recommend any manufacturers of good quality barbless hooks? (Hint--it starts with an O) A tip for twisting chenille and hackle together for making a more durable Woolly Bugger Is it OK to remove a root ball in a river that is causing snags? Is it OK to remove small trees along the bank to get more back-cast room? Is it OK to shuffle downstream and then fish the chum line you create? Can I get a regional fishing license for multiple states? How do you train a dog to not run in the river and spoil the holes? Is there any etiquette for fishing with a dog? Is there a reason NOT to put mono weed guards on a fly? Do natural fly-tying materials have a shelf life? Why do you like a sling bag as opposed to a vest or chest pack?

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