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What was he using??? Damselflies???

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I've spent the last couple of evenings after work out chasing Tigers with some success. However, yesterday evening there was another fellow that caught my eye. He was hanging around the shallower part (~4-6ft deep, vegatation on the bottom, near a weed bed) of the lake I was on and he was out fishing me probably 4 to 1 in the later part of the evening (after 6:45pm as the sun goes down). It looked like he was using a floating line or sink tip and was doing longer strips (6-8") at moderate speed. Whatever it was he was absolutely dialed into what they were going for. 

I should have just asked the guy at the time (side question - is that appropriate?) but I can't stop wondering what he was using. Doing some googling this morning I'm thinking it might have been damselfly nymphs but am curious what the wiser minds on here might say as I'm always up for learning.



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Appreciate the responses!

I was stubbornly sticking with different presentations of the boatmen as I was getting JUST ENOUGH action with it (although I changed things up with a booby pattern briefly to no avail). Thanks for the minnow/streamer suggestion. I'm heading to a river tomorrow night but going back out to this lake again on Mon or Wed. If it works I'll give you all the credit.

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9 hours ago, DonAndersen said:


Wander into the weed growth and see the pile of minnows, that will make you a believer.




I was definitely hanging around the same area but I was not paying as much attention to what was happening in the water. I'll blame my head cold.

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