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Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast - Seven Deadly Sins of Pike Fishing, with Josh Nugent


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Northern pike are a fascinating and explosive fish to catch on a fly rod.  There is not much that beats a big northern smashing a streamer close to the surface or eating a popper.  Josh Nugent [47:05] is a very experienced pike angler and has a host of tips on tackle, leaders, flies, retrieves, and how to find pike all year long.  This episode should really be called Everything You Need to Know about Fly Fishing for Pike, but Josh loves those Seven Deadly titles so I'm going with it.   In the Fly Box this week, we have some great questions, both basic and more advanced, including:
  • What rod and reel do I need for chasing king salmon in Great Lakes rivers?
  • Are posts on parachute flies for us or for the fish?  Do they imitate wings on a mayfly or are they just a strike indicator for us?
  • How do I keep my line from tangling in a canoe?
  • I have trouble seeing small ants and beetles on the water.  What can I do to help see them better?
  • A listener offers another reason why we love trout fishing so much.
  • What is the best strategy for fishing in the rain?
  • What do you do when dry-dropper fishing in small streams with varying depth?  Do you constantly adjust the length of your dropper?
  • Why do I see only one brook trout in a series of pools in tiny streams?  And do brook trout populations fluctuate from year to year?
  • What detrimental effect would ammonia have on breathable waders?  If it is not recommended, what should I use to wash my waders?
  • Is there a store-bought solution for leaders longer than 12 feet long?  And do you have any tips on getting them to straighten?
  • Why are tarpon guides so obsessed with tying their own leaders?
  • How much does time of day matter when trout fishing?

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