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Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast - Traveling with fly-fishing gear, with Seth Berger


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This week is my guest Seth Berger [1:00:18], Fly Fishing Travel Specialist with Orvis Adventures. In his job, Seth visits Orvis-endorsed operations around the world and always packs his fishing gear, so he's a great resource for advising us how to travel with rods, waders, and flies—how to pack them, what to carry on, and pitfalls you should avoid. Seth also talks about what to pack, and items that are often forgotten or ignored by traveling anglers. Anyone who gets on a plane, whether it's a short hop or an international flight, will benefit from his knowledge.

In the Fly Box this week, we have some great questions and comment that run the gamut of the fly-fishing experience, including:

A listener who recommends the mono rig method, which is different from the standard Euro nymphing setup. And tries to tell me 20lb. mono casts just as easily as fly line (I'm not buying it)

Why not put a tippet ring on the end of a poly leader? I've used straight monofilament for a leader for bass and bream.

Why do I need a tapered leader, and do I need tippet?

When you fish two dry flies, what should the distance between them be?

Do I need to learn entomology to pick flies?

Is there any difference between picking flies for small streams vs. bigger rivers?

What do you look for to help you choose a fly?

Can I fish steelhead with my 9-foot 5-weight rod?

Is it true that lighter lines cast better in the wind because they have less air resistance?

Have you ever fished with just a bead on a hook?

Some great suggestions from a listener on how to keep fly tying materials away from young children.

I am coming from Korea to the US. Will I have problems brining flies and fly tying materials into the country?

Have you ever tried wiggle nymphs?

Why do Euro nymphers stand in the water and make short upstream casts while people with conventional lines try to fish as far away as possible?

Why don't we see a lot of blue streamers?

How deep can I effectively fish with a fly rod?

How can I tie patterns with partridge feathers smaller than size 16?

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