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You can see some beautiful creatures big and small while out on a trout stream in this province

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It was Mid July ... my daughter was working at The Calgary Stampede, I struggled through the downtown traffic to drop her off at the gates to Stampede Park. After a quick goodbye and arrangement for a 7:00 PM pick-up that would end up stretching to a 10:00 PM pick-up because well her dad would find himself still over 2 hours away on the side of a trouty stream surrounded by a band of beautiful Alberta Wild Horses when that 7:00 pick-up time came and went ... luckily River was more than willing to wait it out with her work friends at the rides and midway games of the Stampede while her fly fishing father bounced his way out of the Eastern slopes and through the foothills and back to the city and the gates of the greatest outdoor show on earth 3 hours late ... but in my defense the last hour of that was spent battling traffic and cowboys and cowgirls in the final 3 blocks of the journey ... all in all it was a heck of a day. While River spent the morning and afternoon working away in the hot sun down at the grounds I was out exploring a few streams and meeting a cutthroat and a couple nice browns not to mention all those beautiful wildies out there in ... ALBERTA TROUT HEAVEN ... sit back and enjoy the show and don't forget to engage by commenting, liking and subscribing



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A bit late to this movie but I have not been on the forum for a while. A chap was just out in the park across the street practicing casting, it is -6C. He perhaps got a couple of new toys from the man in the big red suit. Anyway, watching him practice his pick-up and lay downs with a bit of a single haul whet my appetite for things fishy - and there was your film and its beautiful waters and trout. Thank you Wade.

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