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How to behave on a trout stream

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Thank you.

I recently had a foul encounter with a person with an off-leash dog (leash required iaw bylaw in this urban area). This person initially received a smile of acknowledgement and a friendly peace sign :peace: as he passed behind me on the trail. I did not see the dog at that time. I was quite surprised when a ball landed in precisely the area where I was casting and a large retriever splashed into my immediate space. Then it happened a second time.

I had already moved twice this particular evening. Once for two drunk persons stumbling toward me with their rods and once when two lovebirds came along and started throwing rocks into my zone.

This third deliberate act blew my fuse. We had words. Lots of heated words.

This summer of 2022 I have had several unpleasant encounters with non fisher folk. One set of simpleton parents helped their toddler lug three small boulders so their child could drop them off the bridge. Under the bridge, a scant 5 metres away where two young lads, about 10, catching Whitefish after Whitefish... really having a good time with one another and it was a pleasure to watch. But when the first boulder came down with a splash... that caught my attention. I raised my voice as the second and third boulders splashed, instructing the supposedly responsible adult parents that there were two people trying to fish under the bridge and they must stop immediately. The parent with the nominal pronoun she responded with the statement: I didn't hit any fish.

I am deeply despairing of this kind of behaviour. I no longer fish the urban area nearby, I go further afield to avoid members of my own species who have become unbearable in their stupidity and selfishness.

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