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Catchercraft boats? Anyone have or use?

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I am considering picking up a catchercraft freestone or sea run cutthroat boat.

The freestone is similar to the watermaster 1 person boat.   The SRC. Is a 1 or 2 person boat. 

I have chatted alittle with the company and it sounds like they have sent a great many North of the border. I am wondering if any made it to Calgary and or if anyone had one they could show me?   Id love to see it in person before dropping the money down. 

Anyone know of someone kicking around who has or had one I can chat with? 





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No experience with them, but i'll tell you right now that having proper oar locks would be an absolute game changer on those rafts. The shitty little pin style oar locks that are on the watermasters/scaddens/etc are chronically terrible (and a weak point if your oar hits anything). I broke one in the middle of the Kitimat which was an exciting few minutes..

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I know a lot of people are starting to make simple frames for their rafts just for that sake. I suspect those are a fine boat. 100lbs for the SRC isn't outrageously heavy, but its not something you'll enjoy hauling around by yourself or trying to stuff into the back of a truck.

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I have an Outcast Stealth frameless pontoon. It weighs 35 lbs stock. It has a 450 lb load capacity. It fits (easily) into the accessory bag and I can lift it into my car without much effort. It has the pin type oars, which I find fine for still waters and slow rivers. The oars won't allow you to set any speed records, but they stow nicely out of the way when casting and are easy to reach when you need 'em. I really like this thing. 

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