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This is a good thing.Thanks Peter L.& NLFF of Edmonton


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The Alberta Conservation Association (ACA) would like to increase the opportunity for kids to use flies as another alternative to worms and power bait at its ‘Kids Can Catch’ events throughout the province. We offered to help them out and some of us are sorting through our fly boxes or tying a few extra to donate flies that would work well in a lake under a bobber using a spinning rod. We’re aiming for 500 but would like to make the number much higher to help ACA keep this going for a few years. We're hoping some AO members might be interested in helping out. Suggested patterns include small woolly buggers, chironomids, scuds, leeches, caddis pupae, dragonfly or damselfly nymphs. Anything that would look edible to a 12" or so rainbow or brown.
We’ll also put together a ‘kid-friendly’ handout about fishing with flies and what the flies imitate, for ACA to print off and hand out. Maybe it will help increase knowledge of, and hopefully interest in, fishing with flies and what lives under the water that trout like to eat.
If you’d like to help out by donating a few flies you can send them to:
Northern Lights Fly Fishers, 1112 116A Street NW, Edmonton, AB T6J 6Y7
This is posted on the AO site.I believe that it's a great thing.Get kid's more in the sport ,that so many of us love..Thanks again to the efforts of Peter L & the Northern Lights Flyfishers & ACA...
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Great idea! I’m in for a doz. Used to take the grandkids to Mitford Pond in Cochrane, no Kids Can Fish last year but stocking took place. A few days after stocking 3-4 Mergansers discovered the buffet and had a great ole time! But before last year we used flies and bobbers on a spin rig, great success. Two years ago, after landing and releasing 5 fish in about 45 minutes, the grandson decided he had enough because he was to only one catching fish and it was not fair for the other kids. 

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