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What are you tying 2021


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All great stuff, good start on the seasons flies GGP, beauty ties as usual. I love the Yellow Sally Bow, the bead will sink the back end and be really attractive to cruising trout. Great Lighting bug, its a killer.

Thinking of tying a lot more small flies, #18 and #20. Have samples of midges, Tricos and BWO's and have been fooling with some new Emerger patterns and some simpler Dries with silhouettes in mind. Does anyone else Tie to suit particular rivers or areas? I am a firm believer that if fish have seen the same pattern over and over they learn not to touch. But more unusual patterns still fool. These days I only fish Dries and Emergers, prefer to stalk and match the hatch. Been putting together groupes in boxes in regard to season also.

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Thanks SilverDoctor 

Finally got my Macro setup going properly... :clap:

I'm looking at presenting some of my flies to the local shops this year, so trying my best to get at least 25-30 patterns in a box I could show.

My past few years I've been using smaller and smaller hooks as well. It's tough tying, but wow do they work! 




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Pretty subtle compared to what you guys are showing But I made up half a dozen in this Chartreuse, and a half dozen in red. I haven't been tying for all that long and always getting better and trying new things.

The thread I used was what I could get at the time but it was way to big. 270 and 400 denier I think it said. I was trying to "cheat" a bit and use some bigger thread to build the body quicker, but it built to fast. I will get some 6/0 or 3/0 and try again in a while.

IMG_20210509_132118_409 Resize.jpg

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