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Late Fall Trout Spey Action

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Hey guys,

Ive been on an editing tear lately as i try to pump out as much content from this past fall as i can. This clip was shot over the past couple months as i chased steelhead here on the great lakes. I put a bunch of time in this fall and was able to shake hands with a few great fall run fish on the swing. It been a while since i had the time to actually chase the fall run so that was great to be able to do!

Am I the only one that looses that many fish or??

Thanks for watching,


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Hey thanks for the video Dan. It was great entertainment as I look out at 3’ of snow. You have good company in losing hooked fish.

Finding them is 90% of the puzzle and it looks like you had good results with that. Keeping them from coming unpinned is the other 10%. 
I sometimes fish with a click-pawl Hardy for steelhead and find that I can’t be asleep at the switch when a fish takes. Out of curiosity, what type of flies are you using? Often longer leech style or intruder patterns will get a “short take” where the fish grabs the material at the end of the fly, realizes it isn’t food and spits it out before contacting the hook. Just my two cents worth, but I keep my flies trimmed pretty close to the hook with trailer hook patterns.

Anyway, thanks for the footage!

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PS: it looks like most of the hookups were pretty solid. With debarbed hooks the fish has a 50/50 chance! I have had trophy sized chinook close to the net, only to manage that twist or roll that throws the hook. Disappointing but hey-quick easy release! BTW- recent literature on catch and release fishing notes greater risk of damage to the fish when exposed to freezing temps, particularly the eyes. We try to unhook our fish without taking the head out of the water once the air temps get too much below the water temps. Just an observation, not meant as criticism. Just passing info on that was passed on to me.

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