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Air Canada flight voucher - where would you go?

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Thought it would be fun to get people's opinions on this. You have four days off in mid-October, along with a free AC flight to anywhere in Canada. Some of the obvious options with my impression: 

1. Smithers/Terrace - lots of rain, fees, and not many steelies 

2. Vancouver Island - similar, but seems to have more trout water and beach fishing to keep things interesting 

3. Parkland trout lakes - flying to regina would negate most of the boring drive but will force me to rent a pontoon 

So ... where would YOU go and why? 







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I would do Atlantic Salmon on the Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec. Not sure if you can fly directly there. Maybe some Atlantic salmon rivers in Quebec are close to an airport, not sure. I have never done it but it looks like an awesome place to fish for a species that is somewhat "exotic". I'd love to do it if I had the chance.

I had to move to Toronto two years ago so I've fished there a fair bit and wouldnt really recommend southern Ontario for fishing outside of "trout season" which is late April to end of September. Even in Ontario's trout season, I probably wouldn't leave southern Alberta to fish there. The steelhead come up right around now and most rivers do have good numbers, but out of trout season you're constrained to ~1km of river that you will be sharing with plenty of other fisherman. I'd say it is overrated unless you don't mind fishing shoulder to shoulder with a bunch of people who just want to bonk steelhead. You'd probably have a more enjoyable time fishing the bow even if its something you've done hundreds of times. That being said, if you were to come up and fish mid week, you might find some uncrowded water. Good times could be had, and there definitely are lots of steelhead to catch.


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Some great ideas. Gaspe would be fantastic although I think I will save a bit more time for that trip. Funny enough, I have fished a lot of steelhead on the GL tribs in Ontario before moving to Calgary a few years ago. Definitely a crowded endeavour, and people sure love their centre-pin hero drifts. Some great fish though especially on the Huron side. 

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