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Boatman Explained by Brian Chan.

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Thanks SD for posting, that is an informative video.

Last couple of seasons I've been experimenting with a BS - WB tandem rig, with the #14 WB on the point about 24" behind the #10 BS pattern (go big, or go home).  Based on previous experience, I figured the fish would show a preference for the WB, but the results on the tandem rig were split rather evenly.  Either one, the fish seem to really hammer them, so stout tippet is usually in order.

BS/WB seem to be much more of a fall thing to me, than early spring.  What has been others' experiences with BS/WB?


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Great video, Lornce. Thanks for posting it.

On rivers, backswimmers mostly hunt in the top foot or two of the water column so fly patterns are generally unweighted or lightly weighted. When feeding, sometimes in large swarms, they will land in moving current, usually starting at the drop off into a pool/glide. They are predacious and feed on the emerging or spent mayflies, midges and caddis in the upper water column. Then, when they run out of air, they resurface and either swim to shore or fly back upriver and repeat.

During egg laying flights, the females dive bomb and swim down to deposit their eggs in suitable habitat on the stream bed and oftentimes in nearby ponds and sloughs found along the river. In the Fall, I've seen epic swarms show up on a couple of occasions on the Bow, which has the largest backswimmer species in Alberta, Notonecta borealis.



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