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What are you tying 2020

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Mayfly Genus Baetis (Blue-Winged Olives) hatch throughout the year, in the spring and fall thy do tend to be smaller than in the early spring and fall. There are in fact dozens of different types in o

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This is called 'Tim's Alternator' and was kinda fun to tie on a Size 16 3x long after all the 20's I've been squinting at! :D

Can't really tell from the pic, but the abdomen is a pearl Uni-mylar, which gives it a nice shimmer. I'm down to my last straggles of peacock herl, however, so one can imagine a fuller thorax! Might trim the bottom of the rusty hackle...but might not.



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Tied a CDC Prince nymph on a Sz 14 Knapek comp jig-style hook. Fished it for a few days, caught a few and lost a few, all while bumping bottom more than once. Used a bit of UV resin in a strategic spot, and it's hard to tell, but the gold bead is pretty beat up, and the UV resin is gone!! :lol: Maybe these hooks really do float point up...hmmm....



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