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Be Aware the poachers are advanced


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Hello All,

The point of this thread isn't to give myself a digital pat on the back, it's to bring you all aware of what's going on out there.  I highly promote self limiting pressure and not fishing during the brown trout spawn.  Today I saw the negative of this approach, more fishing equals more eyes on the water.


I was out looking for redds and I noticed a huge trap in the water, the size of a 50 gallon drum, just like a crayfish trap magnified 10xs.  I had never seen one of these so I pulled it in for a look. inside were some suckers and a brown. I was weirded out.  I walked up the creek further and found another, and I started to notice at most of the animal slides into the water were fresh, new cable snares.... weirded out more.  Further up the creek I found a make shift live well, stuffed with fish.... stuffed.  

I didn't go further and called RAP. The CO was horrified as I am.

This appeared to be fairly new gear and I speculate this gear was placed after the slow of fishing pressure due to the spawn and/or the snow.

Get out there and walk your favorite brown trout haunts, I was last out in this area 3 days ago.

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13 minutes ago, rudedawg said:

There's a clue in the story: "I walked up the creek further".

Likely a trib of the Red Deer/Little Red, but folks that fish those small waters tend to be protective of the location of their favourite beats.

Well said, mind you I tend to call the Bow a creek quiet often.

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2 minutes ago, bcubed said:

CO head out there and check it out?

They said they would; I had to go pick up my son and couldn't wait for them.  I expect to hear back from them today.  I would assume there will be some late nights and overtime for those guys this weekend.

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15 hours ago, dwday said:

this is the most screwed up thing I ever heard


I agree, 30 fish out of a creek could set it back for years to come... I also fear the cost of replacing some nets is not going to be much of a deterrent. They will just move further upstream where access is more difficult.

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I hope the CO’s has enough sense to set up a few trail cams in the area in a attempt to catch these buggers poaching our streams. 
a case like this should have as much enforcement as needed to catch these guys then have the full extent of the laws thrown at them. 

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I spoke a few years ago with an old timer, I believe he passed away a few years ago. He told me that he would string a net across the creek to catch fish and leave it overnight, then haul in a load for the winter. This was in west central Alberta. Maybe that behaviour was passed down.

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