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Wyoming Cutt-Slam

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I had the pleasure of taking part in the Wyoming Cutt-Slam on my recent cross country road trip in mid August. As per usual with this trip, my time was limited to a few hours at each location, but the experience was amazing and took me to some places I likely would never see otherwise. Fortunately the fish cooperated and allowed me to catch the 4 native cutthroat species in day. 


A Headwaters Creek with Bonneville Cutthroat. Jeep-high willows all around and tons of fish. Took just one cast to catch this subspecies but I stayed around for many more.



Headwaters Creek with Colorado River Cutthroat. Much more elusive but managed to catch a couple here.



My favorite stop of the trip. You can drive this river from the headwaters to the bottom (and i did) - it starts as a trickle and ends looking like the highwood in run off. I fished it at a few access points in the upper sections, where at first my fly was refused by some surprisingly large Snake River cutties. I eventually managed to land a couple fish as I changed flies. It was nice to be challenged on this river, it made me like it even more. The scenery was amazing and the fishing was top quality, i'll definitely be back on this river the first chance I get. 




Last stop to catch some Yellowstone Cutthroat. Yellowstone park isn't very dog friendly, so this area was about the only option for me. Another amazingly scenic area with awesome red-tinged rock features and lots of willing cutts. A close second favorite.


All finished, this trip was an awesome experience and i'm so glad i did it. Planning the locations to catch each species was a big part of the adventure so I haven't named any creeks and encourage any future challenge seekers to plan it your own way (Ask if you really want). Each system was uniquely awesome, and despite doing this on a Saturday in mid August, I didn't cross paths with another angler. 


Bonus: Stopped at a popular place near Missoula on my way down South. Lots of Rocks....


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Thanks everyone! The trip couldn't have worked out any better, very highly recommended if you are looking for a new experience. For me, nothing beats exploring new places and catching new species. It was very cool learning the history of these subspecies and how the are all different

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