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Open ocean salmon fly fishing (BC and Wash State)


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Sorry to post this here but, I figure it’ll get better exposure than on the BC and Int’l Forum....

Anyone have any luck pitching flies to open ocean salmon before?  Going to the Straight of Juan de Fuca and thinking of bringing gear.  If so, what kind of spots should I look for (bays,etc) what weight rod, flies, etc.

Any and all help appreciated!

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Been south of Campbell River a couple of times, just wading off the beach.

They can get pretty large so heavy gear is needed.  Taking a 9wt this time, previously used my 7 with floating line.  Did the job but thinking the 9 is better.  Be prepared for long casts.

Clousers seemed to work best, 4 to 5 inches long.  Chartreuse and white or pink and white.  If you're getting consistent hookups on things like sculpins, you're retrieving too slow.

Ideally you can find passing schools and cast out ahead of them.  Give your fly time to hit bottom and strip quickly, you're trying to imitate a baitfish trying to escape. 

Right off the top of my head I don't recall the effect of tides, we fished incoming, outgoing and in between without favouring any one condition.  Did seem like we got best results early morning and late afternoon and evening.

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