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I really like the way these turned out.   P8190182.jpg by Marc Fossi, on Flickr   P8190196.jpg by Marc Fossi, on Flickr

Went fishing. Took pictures.                  

Thought I'd drop some of these here. I mostly do landscapes and fish alone, so no fish pics.           This is a view of the Elbow in Kananaskis. Pretty amazing how much damage that one

Took my buddy and his girlfriend out to a couple mountain streams yesterday. Forgot the camera in the truck for the first one but remembered for the second. Kind of cool to get people into fish on dry flies the first time they pick up a fly rod.

















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Is that a tail section from aircraft ? What that all about ? Nice pics !!

It is. It's the remains of an RCAF Dakota that crashed into Mt. Ptolemy in Jan. 1946 killing all 7 aboard. Local forestry service saw the smoke and climbed the mountain. They evacuated the bodies using sleds but the wreckage has been up there since.

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A friend and I just got back from an overnight float with Aaron from Fish Tales. It's a new thing he's trying out this year and we got to be the first ones to go out for it. Absolutely fantastic weekend with great company even though the fishing has been tough at times lately.


Rigging up at Police.

20032266512_8ffb986c75_c.jpgDSCF3684.jpg by Marc Fossi, on Flickr


First fish of the day.

20045377321_d3521a3b30_c.jpgDSCF3687.jpg by Marc Fossi, on Flickr


First brown of the day,

19852095890_2c4c1fce68_c.jpgDSCF3690.jpg by Marc Fossi, on Flickr


Me getting a little artsy.

20032277222_130623563f_c.jpgDSCF3692.jpg by Marc Fossi, on Flickr


So much teh yellow. Been a while since I got one of these.

20045386991_2e309e1106_c.jpgDSCF3699.jpg by Marc Fossi, on Flickr


Screening the river for bugs.

19419121973_f4d27fe2c0_c.jpgDSCF3700.jpg by Marc Fossi, on Flickr


Fish on!

20045396661_3b10dbb9e4_c.jpgDSCF3703.jpg by Marc Fossi, on Flickr


Ready for the scoop!

19853453539_62b3ce3e1a_c.jpgDSCF3706.jpg by Marc Fossi, on Flickr


And landed!

20045405541_409723dc38_c.jpgDSCF3708.jpg by Marc Fossi, on Flickr


Always meant to take a pic of this.

19417476854_be90e50782_c.jpgDSCF3710.jpg by Marc Fossi, on Flickr


Sun starting to get low.

19853468189_560e01f857_c.jpgDSCF3712.jpg by Marc Fossi, on Flickr


Grabbed the jet boat from camp and headed back upstream to hit a couple runs again.

20040134595_b1946de31a_c.jpgDSCF3715.jpg by Marc Fossi, on Flickr


Set for the HBO show they're filming.

20040138135_0ddd8efa54_c.jpgDSCF3718.jpg by Marc Fossi, on Flickr


Back at camp.

19852050998_afd30ac86c_c.jpgDSCF3726.jpg by Marc Fossi, on Flickr


Getting ready for dinner.

19852145660_18a40756ee_c.jpgDSCF3727.jpg by Marc Fossi, on Flickr



20013853436_a7dcfde1a7_c.jpgDSCF3729.jpg by Marc Fossi, on Flickr


So much chrome you can see the reflection of the hand holding it.

19853490409_c910629e21_c.jpgDSCF3730.jpg by Marc Fossi, on Flickr


Last fish of the trip.

19852156670_1104b3c779_c.jpgDSCF3732.jpg by Marc Fossi, on Flickr

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Decided to take an extra day off and make a 4 day weekend for Labour Day so I headed out to the 40 to do some camping and fishing. Left Friday morning before the long weekend rush started. Almost right away I realized I forgot my camera bag by the front door so these are all cell phone pics unfortunately.


Stopped on the 532 to air my tires down a bit to smooth out the ride.


21042230088_b643c37581_c.jpgIMG_20150904_120846 by Marc Fossi, on Flickr


Nearing the Plateau I saw the first signs that the weather might not be the greatest.


21219742962_4fdc2196a4_c.jpgIMG_20150904_123138 by Marc Fossi, on Flickr


But once I got to the Oldman I forgot about the weather.


20607494434_ea4cf02638_c.jpgIMG_20150904_142341 by Marc Fossi, on Flickr


After a while I saw a constant stream of 5th wheels heading up the highway and I could see the bad weather heading in. Decided to head to Dutch Creek and grab a campsite. Shortly after dinner the rain started so I hopped in the tent and read for a while before bed. The next morning the rain was still going full on, so I decided instead of packing the tent up wet I'd stay around the campground and fish Dutch Creek. No pictures because of the steady rain. A little after getting back in the tent that night I couldn't hear the rain any more but when I looked outside I realized that was because it had turned to snow. It was obvious the next morning that quite a bit came down at the higher elevations.


21230207215_4052d6dbba_c.jpgIMG_20150906_083125 by Marc Fossi, on Flickr


Pretty decent spot for a provincial campground. Luckily the rain and snow had stopped.
Picked up a griddle for my Magma grill and made some bacon and eggs for breakfast.
Still some snow around.
Hit the Oldman again with low cloud around.
Still had the tarp set up in case the weather turned again.
Without any rain or snow I grilled up some dinner. Camping plates are too small though.
Still some nasty looking clouds hanging around but there was no more rain or snow after Saturday.
Stopped by the Cutty Hut after dinner and met Al for the first time. We had some beers and shot the *hit for a while. I ran out of beers and it was getting dark so I headed back to my campsite while it was still light enough to find my way back. Luckily I had more beer in the fridge and some firewood.
Pumping out some decent BTUs.
The Magma griddle in action this morning.
Frost melting off my trusty old hatchet.
After I packed up camp I headed back to the Oldman to make some new friends. I don't think they were as happy to meet me.
The magic fly.
Headed back on the 532 and the view was much different than on the way out Friday.
Sure the weather wasn't the greatest out there this weekend but it sure as hell beat sitting around at home in Calgary or being stuck in traffic on Crowchild.
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You mean the closeup of the scales? That was a mega crop in LR. Pretty impressive for a little mirrorless APS-C sensor since I used to shoot full-frame DSLR.


Definitely does the trick! Great shot! I don't think I could ever give up my full frame though haha.

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