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  1. I think it means you need to put that Allen reel away and have this one lined up. Haha only thing I find is that they’re pretty light which doesn’t balance things well. I put lead core under the backing and it improved things quite a bit on the rods I use them with. Just do it backwards first. Line->backing->leadcore until balanced adequately and spool filled to ideal height and then just reverse. Probably obvious for most, but this dumbass did it the hard way a few times.
  2. Partly right. It is a brook trout on the west slopes... ha
  3. Sounds/looks more like he’s making a protest regarding the hoops you need to jump through to guide in BC. Maybe he’d fare better Here in 1834 Alberta where every numpty with a flashy glass boat is a guide.
  4. I’ve put three 200lb guys and two dogs with cooler and gear in my 10 foot spratley. Tight but still fishable. I’m sure the 12 is huge.
  5. Was going to say that. Guess they could just make these spots brood stock dumps and slowly build it up. Browns can live well over 10 years. Just need time and to avoid rock shampoo.
  6. Best just to call Mel. He’s in the know. I guess it was open Saturday. Was going to launch the boat until we saw 10 trailers in the lot and 4 boats being launched.
  7. With bass being a classified as a gamefish in BC, that act falls under the “it is unlawful to...waste the fish you catch” category. Just sayin take a look over your shoulder before doing that again.
  8. As Dan alludes, no way to enforce what your “target” species is unless you’ve retained something. Furthermore, in order for rule to be enforced, perpetrator needs to be caught red handed—making it even less likely to be busted.
  9. Access as in non-retention. I probably could have chosen better wording. As for not getting caught, that’s what I’m saying. You’re never going to get caught illegally stocking something. So the only way to disincentivize the act is to make it pointless. “As soon as my illegally stocked perch are established and fishable, they will make it non-retention/close the lake/kill the lake, so what’s the point of bothering to do so?” IMO non-retention does nothing because if these guys are willing to illegally stock perch, they are also pretty likely to “poach” perch. They are making rules for themselves. closing a lake makes it much more observable someone is breaking the rules.
  10. Of course it makes sense to limit access To someone’s illegal stocking fishery. That’s the ONLY way to shift cost/benefit of them taking the risk to transplant perch in the first place. They’re never going to get caught in the act. Angling is never going to knock down perch populations, especially with a limit. Who’s the guy here always on perch patrol on sundance lake? How’s that worked for them? As far as I last read, there’s still a *hit ton of them. Fisheries needs to take a hardline approach on this. That’s the only way to get through to people. As soon as foreign species identified, body is closed until it can be rectified. Due to cost constraints, pick a handful of “protected” lakes and put the resources there.
  11. any Chance of gill netting the perch? Generally smaller than most stockers aren’t they?
  12. X2 on the korkers. Had some metalheads a few years back and they didn’t even last a single summer. They felt flimsy and didn’t offer much support. With the old G3’s the problem was shrinkage of the nubuck material. I still ended up wearing a hole through it at the hinge point by the toes within 3ish seasons on both pairs I’ve owned. Felt was almost done by then anyways. I like the look of the all synthetic version they have now and I’ll probably give those a go next year. Last summer I got a pair of Simms headwaters with vibram For super cheap and put some Simms studs in them. Vibram is Definitely better for hiking but can be greasy on bow river snot—but better than I thought it would be. Only issue I’m having with them after 3/4 season is the soft cloth-like material on the sides is fraying and some of the triple stitching looks like it’s coming out. That being said, they weren’t full time use as I still cram into my old g3 felts for the boat. I don’t have an issue getting 3 seasons out of boots, as I like the feel of new ones and I do beat the piss out of them... don’t get me started on waders.
  13. Ya not too excited about another predator on the bow
  14. Chrome/gunmetal red or black rib with black or white bead is pretty much the only chironomid you *really* need #10-16 covers most scenarios. Im sure mr Anderson will have something to say/about the bead. Ha
  15. It would Seem like the interwebs disagrees. Even an article here from your neck of the woods. https://www.producer.com/2013/09/experts-tally-river-otter-population/ seems like this debate happened before? Maybe I’m missing something
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