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    Jayhad: Stop hiking and hunting in the back country where fish populations are at risk. No. The justification for this statement is based on the all encompassing guidelines released under GOA directives. All government agencies are expected to sanitize equipment when moving across watersheds. Contractors are to my knowledge expected to do the same when working in or close to watersheds. And anglers and watercraft users are expected to do the same. Hikers and hunters cross water bodies on their travels in the back country, therefore why should they be exempt from following the same guidelines. If it was believed that restricting access to the back country would reduce to probability of invasive species and disease, I do not see any governments taking punitive action against back country users. The end result is that whatever policies are put in place to "save our fisheries" very few if any will contribute significantly in preventing an increase in their presence..
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    Since it is that time of year, my wife Karen and I want to wish all fellow members, a Merry Christmas and Great 2020 for all. Due to an injury I didn't fish this year, So Bring On 2020. Tight Lines and Good Health from Paul and Karen
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