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  1. Left Kreh

    He lived a pretty interesting life, including surviving exposure to anthrax! Here’s a link to an in-depth obit in the NYTmes: https://mobile.nytimes.com/2018/03/14/obituaries/lefty-kreh-a-fly-fisherman-with-few-peers-is-dead-at-93.html?rref=collection%2Fsectioncollection%2Fobituaries&action=click&contentCollection=obituaries&region=rank&module=package&version=highlights&contentPlacement=1&pgtype=sectionfront&referer=https://www.nytimes.com/section/obituaries
  2. River Flows Website

    This new website is much more user-friendly than the old version - worth bookmarking on your smart phone ... along with this Strathmore Weather Radar site, that helps in keeping an eye on thunderstorm tracks when our mid-summer monsoon season returns: http://weather.gc.ca/radar/index_e.html?id=XSM
  3. A Husky-operated pipeline in the Moose Mountain area ruptured last week, spilling 25,000 litres of crude. An early report indicated that the spill was impacting Cox Hill Creek, which I believe is a tributary of Jumping Pound. Very little follow-up detail the extent of the stream impact. Here's a link to a G&M story: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/industry-news/energy-and-resources/husky-oil-spill-in-southwest-alberta-estimated-at-25000-litres/article34391666/ "Spokesman Mel Duvall said in an email to The Canadian Press that cleanup at the site at Cox Hill Creek west of Bragg Creek is progressing well. But he added the terrain where the leak happened is “very rocky and difficult.”" Doesn't give one reason to be confident that the operator has the situation locked down.