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  1. Log Haul near North Ram River

    Take your radios, call your kms and hope that the heavies coming your way do the same...
  2. Recommendations for a 4 weight rod

    I would like to thank everyone for their input so far. I have looked at a couple of glass rods and fear that I would have to alter my casting stroke too much because I currently use a fast rod. Will have to keep looking...
  3. Hi all, I am looking for recommendations for a 4 weight fly rod that will be primarily used for casting dry flies on mountain streams and spring creeks. Also, pros and cons of 9 foot rod vs something shorter. Currently, I fish with a Hardy Zenith 9 foot 6 weight. Thanks in advance.
  4. Online Source for Big Streamers

    I had a bunch of drunk and disorderlies tied at bow river troutfitters by one of the young fellas there. They were very well done. Prices were good too.
  5. Western Canadian Fly Fishing Exposition 2018

    January 12- 14. Follow the link: https://10times.com/fly-fishing-exposition
  6. Ram River: A Response to the Angling & Mgt Survey

    I thought most people had 6 weights...
  7. Cutty Crisis

    I think most will agree with that statement. However, the cumulative effect of man compounds stresses that the environment experiences.
  8. I Take Pictures

    BC is well prepared to head to the backcountry. I bet he has a snorkel and mask in his gear bag...
  9. Poacher On The Bow

    It would be nice if salesman reminded their customers about bait bans on the Bow...
  10. Some people just don't care. Please don't be part of that group. https://www.oldmanriverchapter.com/blog/2017/8/18/chipman
  11. Mallard Point Island

    Post signs that read 'No Fishing From Island' on the river side. Ends all discussion on interpretation...
  12. Has anyone had success swinging streamers with a riffle hitch on the Bow?
  13. Bull Trout In The Bow River

    Is that a bull trout or a bull shark?!? Nice fish!
  14. Bull Trout In The Bow River

    At first I thought it may have been a Brookie as the colouring was wrong for a laker. Just checked online and we have a winner: http://www.albertafishingguide.com/fish/bull-trout
  15. How common are bull trout in the Bow? Only asking as I believe I caught one yesterday in the city section. Unfortunately, it wasn't a monster- only 14 inches...