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  1. Country Pleasures

    Sad indeed. Thanks to Mike and the team for your contribution to the community and for sharing your knowledge with me.
  2. Country Pleasures

    Oh, that's not good. Someone posted a similar question on the other forum, and I was hoping it was just a lack of stock due to their Boxing Day sale. Website being down doesn't bode well though.
  3. Fly Fishing Expo

    Lethbridge is Mar 16-17.
  4. Trout Id Key

    There is some decent info in the regs, thanks. It sounds like the once Lornce originally posted was an algorithm though. That might be easier to use, I'm guessing, especially for those new to the game.
  5. Trout Id Key

    As this is a pinned post, would it be possible to get an update of the image? Photobucket 3rd party rears its head again.
  6. aquaseal

    I wonder if the Scout Shop might have some... they very likely have seam sealer, which is also a Gear Aid product. In fact, I wonder if it is similar stuff just packaged differently. Perhaps the Aquaseal is a little thicker?
  7. On the weekend, my wife comes to me and says her car is making a knocking sound. She's worried something is wrong with her brakes and wants me to take it for a spin. I oblidge, and sure enough I hear the knock too... only happens when braking fairly hard, but doesn't sound like it is related to the brakes per se. I tell her it sounds like something is loose underneath, but when I crawled under I couldn't see anything with my untrained eye. I tell her to take it in to Toyota for them to have a look, and she does. For the record, it took a second mechanic to diagnose it... their laughter was payment rendered.
  8. Sam Livingston Hatchery

    Just heard there was damage to Allison with the fire that is happening in the Crowsnest Pass. The media report is somewhat vague, mentioning that "the local fish hatchery has been damaged". I had no idea the fire was that far north, as I thought it originated in the Sentinel Industrial area. Anyone else have any more definitive info than this? If it is shut down too things could get very interesting for the stocking program, in the South especially.
  9. New Format, or what?

    You better... gotta protect that 68000 reputation score
  10. Check out their Facebook page for the pic of their tap handles... could there be any cooler way to pour a beer!!
  11. Sam Livingston Hatchery

    I meant to ask some questions about the impact of whirling on the stocking program when I was at Allison Creek just before the Labour Day weekend, but unfortunately no one was around at the time. They would have likely had some info too on the impact of the Bow refurbishment by that time, so unfortunate I wasn't a little more persistent in trying to find someone in the know. Looking at the October stocking report, they seem to be going great guns this fall; makes sense why now. Perhaps that's why we got some cutties in one of our local ponds for the first time I'm aware of.
  12. Tried it all, and nothing seemed to reveal where my slow leak is happening. I had previously repaired what looked like a flaw in the material, so put on ample Aquaseal over that area again. On Monday I did remain dry, but wasn't often in very deep water so not entirely sure if that solved it. I may have to wait until spring and deeper water to see if it really worked.
  13. In the midst of his pee jokes, Uber suggested I try the alcohol method too, though the question about them not being real Gore-Tex did come up. I will try it out and see if it works... worth a shot. Borrowing a leaf blower is my backup plan (who needs a leaf blower in Lethbridge... the leaves all end up in Coaldale eventually anyway).
  14. They are the Orvis Encounters. "Outer shell: 100% nylon. Laminate: 100% polyurethane. Liner: 100% nylon"
  15. What's the best way to locate a leak in the crotch area of your breathable waders? I've successfully done the inside-out/water thing for the legs, but think that would be a struggle to do well with the upper parts.