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  1. What Are You Tying 2018 Edition

    First attempt at a body with turkey... I kinda dig this look, and it is pretty simple fly to tie. Hardest part for me remains getting goose biots to do what I want them to.
  2. debarb salt flies?

    Seems to be varying opinions on this from what Mr. Google tells me... what are your thoughts? Do you debarb your saltwater flies?
  3. Kayak Fishing

    Did you catch the Orvis podcast earlier this month on kayak fly fishing? They had a guy from Jackson kayaks on, I believe. Haven't got around to listening yet myself, but it may have some good relevant info. Should be linked in the blog feed forum.
  4. What Are You Tying 2018 Edition

    Never a dull moment with you around! I expect to see a recipe, or even better yet, a flyfishy tutorial video... that would be awesome!
  5. Introduction

    Welcome to the forum. As Murray mentioned, September can mean fantastic fishing in Southern Alberta. Last year, it was the blue ribbon month for me. This year could be an interesting one for us, depending on what happens with our snow pack. There is an incredible amount of snow in them thar hills right now, so looking more like the potential for a high water year than what we've had the last couple. Lots of great, experienced folks on here that give pretty sage advice.
  6. Salt water wading footwear

    So much for the budget. Tried a few different ones on today and yesterday, and the only ones that worked for me were the Simms Intruders. The Simms flats booties were too narrow, the Patagonia's were ridiculously narrow, and I just didn't find the Simms sneakers were comfortable at all. I probably should have these last me a lifetime, and provide a good excuse for me to start saltwater fishing.
  7. Enjoyed their beer last night at IF4 in Lethbridge. Good stuff!
  8. Salt water wading footwear

    Ya, my Slavic feet have gotten even wider and longer these last few years. Apparently that's a thing that starts for some people in their 40's... I had no idea. Some days I feel a little like I'm wearing clown shoes.
  9. Salt water wading footwear

    How do the Orvis ones fit for width? I have a pretty wide foot, to the point of having difficulty finding regular shoes at times. 4E runners are my go to these days. Pataguccis are out for sure for me, but maybe the Simms. Who in Cowtown carries these? Might be able to make it up there before our trip at Easter, and I would like to try something on before I buy.
  10. What Are You Tying 2018 Edition

    Have you fished much in these parts with the parachute Coachman? This looks way easier to tie to me than the standard, and if it produces well I just might try a few of these. I have had lots of good luck with the traditional coachman, fishing brookies in a pond in the east. I haven't used it much here, and when I have it has been with mixed results.
  11. What Are You Tying 2018 Edition

    This is essentially the start of my third season of tying. When I bought my first tools, I dabbled in a few things for at least a year, but never really got "serious" until late 2015. When I see pictures of my flies up close (careful what you wish for Andy), I realize they are a long way from perfect... proportions are typically a little out, trapped hackle in my whip finish, poor body tapering, gaps in wire body wraps, etc., etc. I blame at least part of it on being left handed They look great at arms length with my presbyopic eyes, and for the most part they are catching me some fish. I have replenished my nymphs... traditional Princes, pheasant tails and Copper Johns. Have to finish another dozen or so buggers, then probably on to a few dozen parachute Adams and some Klinkhammers (Klinks are new for me this year). Small stuff continues to be a struggle for me; need stronger glasses and steadier hands. Overall, I have really come to appreciate the fine work that people like Lornce show here. Masterful.
  12. What Are You Tying 2018 Edition

    And finally, a simple pheasant tail variant inspired by Tim Cammisa
  13. What Are You Tying 2018 Edition

    One experimental fly... and one that I always go back to, to rebuild my confidence after I mangle a new and/or tiny pattern. I often use sparkle chenille for the body of my buggers, but realized I had run out; with no local fly shop any more, I'm going to have to plan a little better.
  14. What Are You Tying 2018 Edition

    One new dry midge pattern (been using Galloup's goobber midge a lot, so thought I'd try something different), and my first WD40s
  15. What Are You Tying 2018 Edition

    Because I hate fishing with SJWs, and got some sample chewing gum worm material from Cdn Llama, I tried a few of these