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  1. frameless pontoon oar locks

    It would have to removed if your oars are not two pieces.The inflatable boat place off McLeod trail I can’t remember the name right now should be able to help you with everything your looking for.I have a set of those oar locks your looking at you can have if you want.
  2. Any chance your a have hunter or shoot guns and into a partial trade on the nautalius if so I could offer you a very nice Cooey single shot .410 shot gun and some cash ? If so I could text or email you some pics if not no worries it was worth a try.

    1. BurningChrome


      Don't hunt and I'm not interested in trades. Sorry.

  3. Straightening Line

    Peice of rubber will straighten a leader out just don’t over do cause you could stretch the leader thin and cause a breaking point.
  4. Introduction

    Welcome and get ready for some real fun.
  5. Country Pleasures

    Thanks cp for all your help through out the years.
  6. Holey Crap

    I believe you will have no problems in 2018 I think they all have been handled have a great year and think positive.
  7. Best day of your life

    I like very calming.
  8. Well that made my snowy Saturday morning
  9. New Format, or what?

    I'm with the old as well but this is not overly terrible
  10. Want To Take Kids Fishing

    What's wrong with good old chain lakes 45 min drive and pretty much gauraunteed fish.corn velvetta cheese small spinners that place is a blast but is way better in winter.
  11. Question On Oars Just Looking For Some Insight

    Thanks for all the tips again guys I appreciate it and I know it's a big boat but maybe different blades would change something in the reaction I'm going to order new blades over the winter and just deal with these for the summer.But if somebody is interested in a trade I'm all ears they do really well in the shallow stuff and are in excellent condition.cheers
  12. Question On Oars Just Looking For Some Insight

    Thanks for the help lots of summer left I'll keep plugging away it was ok I just thought maybe it could be better with different blades.No experience rowing a big wood drifter jay but lots of experience rowing..thanks again to both of you.
  13. I got a wooden 17 ft boat three months ago and took it out today it didn't come with oars but I bought some off the forum.They are cataract shafts with premiere diamond shape blades. The length is correct for the boat but it doesn't seem to react well to these blades.I had to work really hard to keep my self straight and to keep in control.Im just wondering if there just going to take some getting used to or am I possibly not pushing enough water with these blades for this big boat.If I need new blades what do you guys think would be the best for a monster wood boat.Also willing to trade blades if somebody wants to there indistructable lol thanks for your time and yes we did get fish even on our first float.Sorry I can post pics of the boat.Im just interested in people's opinion.
  14. Bow River

    Me and the little turkey drove by on our bikes lookes very high and very dirty at like 11:00 am maybe 6" at the very most
  15. Drift Boat Flipped At Policemans

    FYI somebody found one of the oars on Alberta outdoorsman if you wanna look into it.