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  1. A few year end memories

    Great looking fish and photos as usual. Always a pleasure viewing...
  2. No I haven't yet. Just got back from a long family hoilday in Europe. Still hoping to do this float before August end..
  3. Ultralight Reels, Too Light?

    Cool... So your formula conferns I'm set up just nicely with my Ssge One 590-4
  4. Ultralight Reels, Too Light?

    I don't have a formula for you...but to answer you question " Too Light " yes! I use a Sage One 5wt with a 7/8 nautilus FWX, 6wt streamer fly line. And find the balance Perfect with great overall light feel... When I tried my buddy's 5/6 nautilus FWX, 5wt fly line with the Sage One 5wt, founded it to be overall to light!! Mind you I'm using this set-up for chucking streamers all day... And for the record, there's very little difference in weight between both reels. Not sure how much more weight if any, by going one size up on the fly line either. Nautilus FWX 5/6, 3.8oz. 7/8, 4.1oz. Great reels...
  5. Gear Stolen

    I will keep my eyes and ears open up here in Edmonton.
  6. Your Favorite Dry Fly Rod

    TFO BVK 5wt... For the amount of cost with lifetime warranty, great feel and great response I'm very happy with it...
  7. Hello, Would appreciate any advice or heads up information with anyone with experience and what to expect on a float from bow falls in Banff to Highway1 in Canmore in the month of late June/early July sometime, it would be my first. I will be using a 16 foot fibreglass Drift Boat which I have two years experience with floating the lower bow from Glenmore to McKinnon. This would be a family pleasure/fishing float. By the sounds of things, fishing will be tough going threw this stretch! I'm more interested in the float it itself through the mountains with my sons. One of my concerns are the channels I have to navigate through and which channels not to float threw. Going with the channel with the most size and flow of river should keep us safe. Any information on what kind of fishing to expect throughout our float would also be nice. I understand I will need a park fishing license up to the park gates. Thank you for any involvement on this subject Porto
  8. Sage Pulse 7Wt

    Hello, Looking for some feedback/advise on a streamer rod for Bow River and area. My Orvis 8wt is to much rod and heavy for the amount of casting I'm doing with big streamers in this area.. I'm looking at the Sage Pulse 790-4 and 7100-4 as options. It's a new rod in market and reviews are good. Most are saying its a fast action but a couple reviews have it at fast/mid action. Hoping for fast action, higher end with what I'm use to at a reasonable price ($575). One other question, I'm leading towards a 10' rod over the 9'. Thoughts on length? Any feedback or advice on other models and same price range or cheaper. Highly appreciated. Thanks
  9. Worm Nymph Rig

    3'-4' on the streamers with the Bow and 5'-6' on smaller rivers and creeks..
  10. Worm Nymph Rig

    I personally go with Maxima Ultragreen 10lb to a worm or stone and Maxima Ultragreen 8lb on the dropper. And like I said earlier 14lb steelhead tippet for streamers.
  11. Worm Nymph Rig

    Monger... What lb test are we using on the streamers? I go with a 14lb steelhead Tippet. I'm now thinking a bit over kill for the bow. Lol
  12. Mackinnon Boat Launch

    I'm another one who launched on the north side of the bridge yesterday morning. I did not see the sign either! My Bad... Last week I launched on southside and noticed everyone launching on the northside, where I was the water was shallow so I thought maybe deeper water on the northside and reason for everyone launching... Live and learn!!