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  1. I don't think the weed train has completely left the station, I am just trying to decide what I want to put the TFSA money into this year. Not much of a MF or ETF guy these days... Any input fellas? I like CBW for a lot of things, the one I don't is as stated, it's not an actual producer.
  2. Anybody in on, or have thoughts on, CBW?
  3. Part of me wants to ride it out and see if a dividend does come out of it, or if a buyout by some large tobacco or alcohol company happens (doubtful at this point). The cool part now is we will actually pull ahead of Canopy on Friday, with a 4B Market Cap. What a day today i checked at about 9:00 AM and near hit the floor. Not going to lie I thought about cutting and running today, I think it's foolish to try profit taking with hopes of buying back in now though, have a hard time thinking we'd ever go below 6 bucks again. Oh well stay tuned and enjoy it guys! I too am laughing now at the skepticism we all showed months ago.
  4. I couldn't agree more jasonvilly. I am not going to say we are out of the volatility cycle yet completely, but all the profit-takers and shorters did their thing hopefully for a while. Lots more good things to come and with several provinces now unfolding their "legalization plans", it is imminent that it's july 2018. I think we may still see some peaks and valleys but this stock will be in the green forever now. If they do takeover cannimed, then we are in even better shape. I think part of the hold up is that ACB doesn't want HIP which is who cannimed is trying to takeover. Both cannimed and hip's prices have suffered in light of this. I don't know if the recreational sales are going to be as big as projections are. People who really want to smoke pot already do despite the law, legalizing it will just push some people off the edge to try it. That being said the big million dollar question for me is, when does a guy sell? Do we keep waiting and sell in June 2018, when the stock could potentially be at its highest for a year or more. Or do we wait til a few months after legalization? This is the thing that's kept me up a few nights as I am in big on ACB. I'm a young guy but because of the lucky gamble could result in me retiring 5 years sooner. Good things on the horizon. Now, if only Enbridge would pull out of their nosedive I'd be a happy camper!
  5. Oldman River Brewing LTD

    Thanks for this. Went past recently and thought about stopping in, next time I will. Coulee brewing in lethbridge is also a thumbs up.
  6. Newbee

    If you feel like making your way up to the central part of the province I would be glad to take you for a few days as well.
  7. Newbee

    ^ Do not pass that up!
  8. Wholesale Sports Closing

    Sad to see, the more competition the better. I still support the small local fly shops for the most part. Side note figured I'd go see what all the fuss was about at the wholesale in GP since I'm working up here, and damn, it was probably worse than boxing day. Never seen so many people in a small sporting goods store.
  9. Taco, one thing to consider is we have hundreds of men out in the bush everyday working. Oil/Gas/Coal Exploration/Logging, Despite what you read in the newspapers it is definitely not dead up here. As busy as I've seen it in the last 5 years especially up in Braz country. So this being said, there's more exhaust, more disturbance, and the big one, more cigarette butts. I know all the ones so far here have not necessarily been from any of these but just keep that in mind, there are 3 thousand gas wells around here. Another point I'd like to bring up is that because of the ATV/Fire bans that started way SW, then extended to anything south of the bow, now all the people who used to use southern Alberta crown land that want to have a fire and rip around are coming up here. So that does not help either. Clearwater County JUST imposed some fire restrictions here prior to the weekend, you can still have a fire but it has to be in a pit. We haven't been hurting for rain here as much as places 50 km east or south of us. Sundre and Red Deer are dry as a popcorn fart, it's really not that bad here, we've had fairly steady rain, still less than normal though. I see Waterton is bracing for one spreading up from Montana. I sure hope it is OK. But back on topic, yes, the fire is growing westward I'm told, and they foresee getting it contained in the next day or two. Has yet to be confirmed but rumor going around Bearberry area was it was random campers responsible for this one. Rig street area.
  10. Good for the fish and the elk. This closure screws up a lot of folks, myself included, elk hunting plans. Frankly this should've happened weeks ago.
  11. Be Aware Fishers

    It's damn good for the price! I'd fall to the number 12(oz) silver bullet every time too.
  12. Panther River

    Brian, Agreed. There has been several problem bears relocated that have made their way back. Lots getting moved from parks to Wilmore only to show back up in Park a couple years later. At least the government is starting to admit the variance and amount of potential error in their population assessments when they revealed 500 bears remaining in Alberta. I would bet there is at least 1/4 of that south of highway 3. Without opening up a can of worms, these continually increasing bear encounters and issues could warrant re-employing a once-effective tool. Though with the NDP closing the grizzly hunts in BC without much consultation this year, it would not fare well for the Alberta NDP if this management tool was revisited. As if the NDP was going to fare well anyhow. Grizzly bears are territorial and have large home ranges. Unfortunately Alberta is continually fragmenting good grizzly habitat and bears are getting pushed further and further east. In these parts at least once a year people report grizzly kills on livestock. They have nowhere else to go. Instead of trying to manage the population for the amount of habitat we once had, the government should be trying some more proactive, progressive solutions. If the hunt was re-opened that would help to effectively manage a SUSTAINABLE grizzly population within the province's current carrying capacity. This is the trouble with groups such as the Y2Y, they do not have all the facts. The wildlife management here in many aspects is comparable to the fisheries management, manage for TODAY AND TOMORROW don't try to manage for the past. When are we as a society going to learn from our mistakes?
  13. Great White Sturgeon Adventure

    You're about a month early before "lights out" fishing (the pinks usually supercharge the bite) but doesn't seem like that hampered your party's ability to catch fish! Absolutely 100% worth the money just to watch one of those big ones tail walk. I will go back many times. Anyone who is tossing the idea around, I say GO! Did the guide show you the side imaging on the sonar while taxiing to the top of a big hole? Pretty cool to see all the fish laying on bottom and the good guides can even tell you how big they are! Sure gets a guy aroused being told that while hearing the chain winch let the anchor go!!
  14. Panther River

    And people think I'm kidding.... http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/bear-attack-calgary-panther-river-1.4261729