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  1. Gotta wonder about FF types

    You hit it on the head. Not as many dollars to chase these days like there used to be, working the weekend and getting 12 hours of OT isn't an option to lots anymore.
  2. Alberta River Basins

    That appears to be fairly accurate ftom what I saw. This is generally the time of year they go around and calibrate/repair equipment (before high water) so your story adds up on that assumption. The clearwater has been fishable I suppose, but the visibility has been terrible (especially below Prairie, short stretch til the N Sask I know). I generally use the Saskatchewan as a pretty reliable weathervain around town. At the treatment plant if the river right is quite turbid and river left not so much, I know the clearwater is bad. If the whole damn river is bad then I know the Ram is bad too.
  3. That's no big deal I see no issue. I thought you were asking what was wrong with this photo and on first glance looked like that rainbow was passing that poplar branch. I had to double take and reread to realize you were wondering why people complained. Because they do, as other people have said everyone is too sensitive nowadays (note how I said everyone and not guys/gals, lest we forget theres more than two genders now). A lot of elitist NIMBYs out there and frankly a few on this site. I'm done.
  4. Depends where you plan on taking it. If you're fishing some backwoods BC lakes then you definitely want as Brian suggested and get a topper/rack system with or without a winch. If it's all lakes you are comfortable driving to with a trailer then buy a dedicated boat trailer and don't look back. I run a 30 year old aluminum V hull and just replaced the trailer last year. Bought a shoreland'r trailer and love it. Deal with these guys and ask for Barry. http://www.recreationalpowersports.com/
  5. Prairie creek

    No sir it is not. The Clearwater barely is. We have feets of snow in the timber to melt off simultaneously which will murky things up. I'd say in two weeks you should be good to go.
  6. Red deer river

    And sturgeon!
  7. Short term pain for a long term gain. That road would benefit greatly from a week of sheepsfoot packing and lots of gravel.
  8. They don't want people on it when it's greasy, for safety and because agressive tires will chew it up worse. Good news is its a south facing descent so will not take long for it to break up and dry.
  9. Lloyd Clark in Alder flats would be a good place to start. He can point you in the right direction if he doesn't have any in the works. http://www.pinkmountainoutfitters.com/
  10. Exactly. People were bailing off ACB like they were the titanic to buy CMED shares so they could get "more" ACB stocks. A guy on stockhouse did a really good analysis with a model of 10k, it made sense for the early ones who jumped pre-noon and the volume wasnt ridiculous. A lot of people are going to get caught having paid even more for CMED and after trading fees and uncertainty really not coming out ahead. I just kept cool and stayed long, I've been an increasing owner of ACB since 2016 and will continue to be until we hit a specific mark. I'm starting to get a number in mind. As for HIP, CBW wasted no time and is now in talks with them, so, watch both of their stock prices closely next few weeks. jason is correct in his assessment that it could be a great short term addition. I did buy some CBW and started to invest in some more industries, I feel that lots of these new companies popping up are going to be insignificant now. Stay long on ACB fellas. It's likely doing to dip or level out for the next week or so, once all this dust settles hold on for a big bullish run. And everyone will have more RRSP room, more funds and firms buying in, up we continue. Anyone wants to get (back) into energy stocks, might I point your attention to Emerald Bay Energy (EBY). Do a little dd and make the decision for yourself.
  11. I don't think the weed train has completely left the station, I am just trying to decide what I want to put the TFSA money into this year. Not much of a MF or ETF guy these days... Any input fellas? I like CBW for a lot of things, the one I don't is as stated, it's not an actual producer.
  12. Anybody in on, or have thoughts on, CBW?
  13. Part of me wants to ride it out and see if a dividend does come out of it, or if a buyout by some large tobacco or alcohol company happens (doubtful at this point). The cool part now is we will actually pull ahead of Canopy on Friday, with a 4B Market Cap. What a day today i checked at about 9:00 AM and near hit the floor. Not going to lie I thought about cutting and running today, I think it's foolish to try profit taking with hopes of buying back in now though, have a hard time thinking we'd ever go below 6 bucks again. Oh well stay tuned and enjoy it guys! I too am laughing now at the skepticism we all showed months ago.
  14. I couldn't agree more jasonvilly. I am not going to say we are out of the volatility cycle yet completely, but all the profit-takers and shorters did their thing hopefully for a while. Lots more good things to come and with several provinces now unfolding their "legalization plans", it is imminent that it's july 2018. I think we may still see some peaks and valleys but this stock will be in the green forever now. If they do takeover cannimed, then we are in even better shape. I think part of the hold up is that ACB doesn't want HIP which is who cannimed is trying to takeover. Both cannimed and hip's prices have suffered in light of this. I don't know if the recreational sales are going to be as big as projections are. People who really want to smoke pot already do despite the law, legalizing it will just push some people off the edge to try it. That being said the big million dollar question for me is, when does a guy sell? Do we keep waiting and sell in June 2018, when the stock could potentially be at its highest for a year or more. Or do we wait til a few months after legalization? This is the thing that's kept me up a few nights as I am in big on ACB. I'm a young guy but because of the lucky gamble could result in me retiring 5 years sooner. Good things on the horizon. Now, if only Enbridge would pull out of their nosedive I'd be a happy camper!