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  1. They say [old wives] that things happen in 3s's.Well Christmas eve,met some of my retired fisher guys at local chinese food rest.Food was excellent,service was also.My trouble started when i got my fortune cookie.No little paper in the cookie[sh t],use the numbers to buy my 6 49 tickets.Christmas morning wake up to the sound of water running,in the house.Run downstairs,no water on the floor.But noise still there.Water humidifier that's hooked up to the furnace & the solonoid is stuck open.Water meter just flying around ,in the sight guage.Shut the valve off,little more static electrcity til repaired.Boxing day heading out,got rearended,by a woman in a hurry to spend the old mans cash.Today Katie[dog] wakes me up,boss it's cold in here.Go to thermstat,nothing registering .You know the other thing they say.You can't bitch if you got it free..YEA RIGHT RACHEL..Free thermostat didn't last 1 month,battery dead...Moral can't bitch...Yea & it's + 35 degrees outside Happy New Year
  2. Sam Livingston Hatchery

    Murray; There IS Allison,Raven,Cold lk. & SLH.Raven is in terrible shape[Brood stk stn],Allison is a hatchery[generally looks after P&T,down s.w ab].Cold Lk. [Hatchery,they do THE AF3N & TIGERS.SLH grows most of the trout for the prov. These are guesstamits,on my behave..
  3. Hi All; I watched an interview on CTV Calgary .About the rebuild/update of our hatchery.They are all overdue this.But just SLH,was mentioned.So they are moving out all the fish,some lakes will get 2 stockings.My question & hopefully someone may be able to answer.Stocking for 2018,not going to happen ?.Are they going to purchase stock from other hatcheries,hopefully disease free.thks. Brian
  4. New Format, or what?

    Troutlover; I am with you on this.Easier is always better IMO
  5. New Format, or what?

    I perfer the old style also.
  6. Replacement Net Bags?

    did you try Admunson
  7. Panther River

    Being that area is just outside the park boundaies/It would be a shame if it was relocated bear.Dropped off in the back country.The one grizzly in Waipourous was dropped .Up in Kakwa area.Problem bears should be dealt with.
  8. Rogers. But i sometimes wonder ?.Phone used ,if that has a difference.Ie. my buddies apple 4 ,with Rogers works better than ever.Compared to my samsung 7[Telus] which gets reception,on the far ne corner on the water.
  9. http://www.outdoorsmenforum.ca/showthread.php?t=56234&highlight=boating+restrictions
  10. Reposting Your Pictures

    Glad to see that Photobucket was dropped IMO.Have you a rec.of a new posting site,& of course with stepxstep directions.thanks Brian
  11. canoe with training floats...canoe tippy sob's floats /outriggers more things to catch on...
  12. Curious About Kanaskis Area

    Gheez;I can still remember packing in pea gravel in 5gal. pails up the hill into Bear Pond.Along with crusher screen mesh,to improve natural stocking .For the grayling..That was then i guess....
  13. Curious About Kanaskis Area

    Wishful thinking..Showing my age...