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  1. frameless pontoon oar locks

    If the place named ZEBEC is still around ,you could try him.He used to be up by the airport 19 st 40 av Calgary
  2. Kayak Fishing

    Couple of things.No How To Right Yourselve..Take some classes,i see them teaching out a Bowness Park on the Bow..I have seen 2 guys use them things,on openwater lakes1 guy is dead[drown],other guy sold his..Mrs Andersen does it the right way,goes for the excersise.
  3. They say [old wives] that things happen in 3s's.Well Christmas eve,met some of my retired fisher guys at local chinese food rest.Food was excellent,service was also.My trouble started when i got my fortune cookie.No little paper in the cookie[sh t],use the numbers to buy my 6 49 tickets.Christmas morning wake up to the sound of water running,in the house.Run downstairs,no water on the floor.But noise still there.Water humidifier that's hooked up to the furnace & the solonoid is stuck open.Water meter just flying around ,in the sight guage.Shut the valve off,little more static electrcity til repaired.Boxing day heading out,got rearended,by a woman in a hurry to spend the old mans cash.Today Katie[dog] wakes me up,boss it's cold in here.Go to thermstat,nothing registering .You know the other thing they say.You can't bitch if you got it free..YEA RIGHT RACHEL..Free thermostat didn't last 1 month,battery dead...Moral can't bitch...Yea & it's + 35 degrees outside Happy New Year
  4. Sam Livingston Hatchery

    Murray; There IS Allison,Raven,Cold lk. & SLH.Raven is in terrible shape[Brood stk stn],Allison is a hatchery[generally looks after P&T,down s.w ab].Cold Lk. [Hatchery,they do THE AF3N & TIGERS.SLH grows most of the trout for the prov. These are guesstamits,on my behave..
  5. Hi All; I watched an interview on CTV Calgary .About the rebuild/update of our hatchery.They are all overdue this.But just SLH,was mentioned.So they are moving out all the fish,some lakes will get 2 stockings.My question & hopefully someone may be able to answer.Stocking for 2018,not going to happen ?.Are they going to purchase stock from other hatcheries,hopefully disease free.thks. Brian
  6. New Format, or what?

    Troutlover; I am with you on this.Easier is always better IMO
  7. New Format, or what?

    I perfer the old style also.
  8. Replacement Net Bags?

    did you try Admunson
  9. Panther River

    Being that area is just outside the park boundaies/It would be a shame if it was relocated bear.Dropped off in the back country.The one grizzly in Waipourous was dropped .Up in Kakwa area.Problem bears should be dealt with.
  10. Rogers. But i sometimes wonder ?.Phone used ,if that has a difference.Ie. my buddies apple 4 ,with Rogers works better than ever.Compared to my samsung 7[Telus] which gets reception,on the far ne corner on the water.
  11. http://www.outdoorsmenforum.ca/showthread.php?t=56234&highlight=boating+restrictions
  12. Reposting Your Pictures

    Glad to see that Photobucket was dropped IMO.Have you a rec.of a new posting site,& of course with stepxstep directions.thanks Brian
  13. canoe with training floats...canoe tippy sob's floats /outriggers more things to catch on...