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  1. Recommendations for a 4 weight rod

    I suspect that everyone that has a favorite 4 wt will recommend that particular brand. The number of choices is limitless, from fast action graphite to slower, full flex graphite to different glass rods. I personally have an Orvis mid priced rod. It's a great rod and you can cast it all day long. If price is a major consideration, I suggest you have a look at the Echo lineup. They perform very well and have a warranty as well.its hard to beat the price but broken rods will still be out of service for at least a couple of weeks while they ship you a new section. TFO rods. Have an outlet in Calgary , they are competitively priced and are worth checking out too. If you would like to give my Orvis a try, let me know, I'm always up for a fishing trip. Murray oops, I forgot to speak about length of rod. All I can really say is my own personal preference. All of my small stream rods are shorter. I find that it is much easier to do a little bush whacking. The streams are all small as far as width goes and you are not trying to get 60 ft. Casts. A 30 ft cast is all you really need.
  2. Thanks, looks like a different format this year.
  3. Is the TU tackle swap happening again this year and if so where and when?
  4. frameless pontoon oar locks

    Brian at Auto Marine is as good as there is at this type of work. Very professional and can repair almost anything inflatable boat wise. They are located 1 block east of McLeod and approx 2 blocks north of 50 Th average..
  5. Kayak Fishing

    So, first of all, I have never fished out of a kayak so I could be all wet on this but here is my impression. I have floated many times and fished from my pontoon. It seems to me that a kayak is more sleek than a pontoon and would float significantly faster. One thing I try to do is slow my pontoon down by constantly rowing upstream to slow the boat down. when you do catch a fish, it is very much a struggle to land big, hard fighting trout and trying to get to shore all while fighting the current and other obstructions. It might be a fun float but my guess is fishing at the same time could result in frustration. Once again though, keep in mind that I'm viewing this from one perspective only. I would be interested to hear others views on this.
  6. Introduction

    Welcome to the forum Delray. September is a great time for fishing Calgary and southern Alberta. Send me a note while your here and maybe we can weta line together. Murray
  7. Sam Livingston Hatchery

    Very good questions Brian, don't know the answers but I am interested. Are there any hatchery so elsewhere in the province?
  8. Newbee

    Just a sample of what kind of fish are out there.
  9. Newbee

    Welcome to the forum Mike. July is the perfect time to visit our area. All of the Mountain streams are open for fishing by then as well as the Bow river that runs right through the middle of our city. When you get closer to your trip, contact me and perhaps I can show you some nice water. Murray.
  10. Want To Take Kids Fishing

    I've taken my own Grand Daughters there a few times over the last couple of years with similar results as threepwood. We could see lots of fish but I have yet to see any being caught. Great acidity but it sees a ton of pressure. How about any place to catch pike? Would have to be casting from shore though.
  11. A friend of mine wants to take his young grand children fishing. They have already made a couple of trips with no success. My question is, are there any places (ponds and such) where the chances of catching a fish is pretty good. Don't care if it's trout or pike as long as it swims and has fins.
  12. It really is nice, was there yesterday with Steve and David. No quads ripping up and down the road and only a few random campers. The water levels are lower than last week but the temps seem to be still in the safe zone. The fish recover quickly and are feisty whe caught. Seems to be a lot of Bull trout around this year.
  13. Waders

    Bron i absolutely agree, walking and wading is a totally different situation. I think most guys do a lot of walking though. I'm lucky to get 20 days a year in, hopefully, I'll get out more in the future.
  14. Waders

    I agree Lornce, my last pair were $400.00 and I might as well wrap a plastic bag around my legs, it would work just as well. I am leaning towards the Reddingtons
  15. Waders

    I'm in the market for a new pair of waders. At this point, I'm undecided between Reddingtons or Simms. I'm not willing to break the bank for a pair. I would like to hear some opinions on the PROS and CONS from your experience. Very unhappy with my last pair of Snowbee waders. Will not buy them again.