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  1. I’m not sure how much this relates to the BRAP entirely as they are having safety issues with the road itself, and more use then expected. Guess we’ll see
  2. It's tentatively planned for next year, but will depend if they get funding or not. They had the funding cut for this year, which is why it didn't happen.
  3. Wading Spots on the Bow?

    Fish creek park is a great place for access
  4. Power drifters etc

    Would probably lose any value of having a fibreglass boat from the weight of it. Plus doesn't it have to be fastened to the bottom with bolts?
  5. Power drifters etc

    I’m not sure I’m brave enough to get a fibreglass boat with power attached
  6. Power drifters etc

    A quick Google lied to me, you’re right that a 60/40 Yammy is 250 lbs. I’m impressed with the weight of your Honda and Jason, I get it. I sold my boat as I was sick of having to dedicate full days, especially when the river was fishing poorly. I’ve always got an eye for the right boat on Kijiji it just hasn’t come yet
  7. Province Altering Habitat

    More details?
  8. Power drifters etc

    Jason I gotta row yours one day as I would be pretty impressed if it rowed half as well as you say. The motor alone weighs double what a clacka does!
  9. Power drifters etc

    I don’t owe one but have rowed a couple renditions of them from fishrites, Hyde’s and Jon’s. They’re not fun to row, but it is doable. You essentially can row them to keep straight and slow down a bit. It’s just never gonna row well when you have a motor with that much weight in it. Power is your friend in getting across the river..
  10. There's a pretty cool bank (or.. was, before the 2013 flood and i haven't been back) above the CPR bridge below bonnybrook, that is almost entirely made up of Calgary Brewing Company bottles.. old school riprap.. relic no, but still cool!
  11. Looking for a Drift boat anchor

    lol they must take a hit on shipping on this... brilliant
  12. It's a 2002 tacoma, it's gonna need it's struts/shocks replaced. I wouldn't change the tires out till they're toast, if you have blizzaks for winter.
  13. I have the duratracs on my taco.. great summer and mud/water.. brutal on ice. I'm looking at getting proper winter specific ones for this as i find myself with more and more time in the mountains in the winter
  14. Anchor rope for drift boat

    go to calgary climbing centre and see if they have any old ropes they want to sell, that's what i did with my old boat. They have to retire ropes after a certain amount of time on the wall, but they still have more then enough life for what you need. Way cheaper then a new rope (think i got mine for $20), plus more then adequate for what you need.