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  1. Sorry Peter, but how does ‘Little to no commitment to river access additions and improvements’ Possibly affect fish populations in a positive way. Also, I know you’re choosing your words carefully, but why is it a ‘may’ from your perspective. It seems pretty cut and dry, no?
  2. I’d be curious to see the report that speaks to the cumulative impact of whirling disease, water temp, a year class changing flood, transalta’s ‘fun’, the substrate and turbidity changes as you d mentioned, as well as the pressure the Bow has. I know I sound like the good ol OHVers, but show me the money (science). Don’t forget that the 2005 assessment of the fishing at the highwood confluence was utilized at the 2014 PAC and described as ‘the rainbow trout populations are doing fine, so no reg changes needed’... turns out not so fine.. really, the decrease and timing sure points towards whirling disease to me... regardless, hope this motivates the government to look at the Bow a little closer. We all took it for granted for a long time and I think we’re paying for it. Don’t forget the articles and videos from prominent guides about how the Bow was better then every following the flood, and no decrease in numbers...again, I hope that the fishery guys can motivate the higher ups to look a lot larger picture, as the only lever they can pull is reg changes. If anglers aren’t the problem, then how do we get to the larger issues (flows being my favourite topic)
  3. The problem will be similar to the NCNT. Fisheries management has a very limited set of levers to pull, mostly just reg changes. C&R May be relatively low impact when looked at in a silo, but cumulatively a 1-2% mortality starts to add up when you add in the other issues mentioned..
  4. Would be nice to see an application of the precautionary principle a bit here, while we are catching up on data shortages. We also need to get a feeling of angler effort and potential impact..
  5. travelling to Calgary

    Give a shop a call, they'll sometimes have a person or two that has given them the same request and may be able to help you with some matchmaking..I'd just ensure that you are clear with what you're wanting, such that you don't have two guys butting heads about what they want out of the day (say a guy only wants to fish dries, while the other just wants numbers..it won't be a pleasant day in the boat).
  6. Suspect that if they're found to not have any whirling, they'd be kept shut to avoid transferring it there
  7. Water Clarity

    Highwood was mud today on highway 2
  8. Peter, was there allowance for work outside of isolation within the Water Act and DFO Request for Review..?
  9. From my understanding 2 was the goal, people probably got a bit excited. Glad to hear it went well and seemed well received. That Banded Peak Plainsbreaker is pretty great
  10. 15 feet of t14 and the associated rod required to throw it for trout fishing..
  11. Kitamat

    And if the bulkley was anything like last fall..might want to take up the pinner anyway
  12. Kitamat

    Just pretend that fish arent the reason you do it (but really, then why are you fishing... dont get me started), and then you can accept getting skunked way easier..
  13. Kitamat

    At least if the pinners are getting some, you know they're around. Nothing worse then watching all the guys pulling plugs and pinning getting skunked, and you following through.. Have seen that plenty on the Kitimat
  14. I should have clarified, ya i think it's a bit different when you're matching a "hatch" (particularly fish that are following sockeye/pinks/etc) and matching actual eggs that are present... but you can catch fish on eggs in the middle of winter when there are no natural eggs around, cause fish are programmed to eat them as they're the perfect meal.