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  1. frameless pontoon oar locks

    You can definitely blow an oar, but i've broken zero oars, and 3 of those. All of them just from wear overtime, rather then impact events. I carry a spare oar, a spare couple of these, a patch kit..and have only used these pieces in 5 years of use
  2. frameless pontoon oar locks

    It's typically not the oar that is the problem. it's this piece. The rotating of the oar flexes the bottom plastic, which eventually cracks and breaks. shouldn't be too surprising, considering they're a $10 piece. Pretty nuts in my mind that the big 3 boat manufacturers all come down to this as the best design option out there.
  3. frameless pontoon oar locks

    I think the bigger issue is getting the existing oar lock off the boat. Based on conversations with Outcast, removing one of the patches that has been welded on is pretty much a recipe for disaster as you're risking the integrity of the boat if you take it off.. However could potentially add it on next to the existing patch and just avoid messing with the original. Not sure i'd trust a 'glue-on' verses an ultrasonic weld for the most critical piece on your boat. Probably not a life ender on places like the Bow or Bulkley, but there's plenty big enough water and log jams on the kitimat to make me worry
  4. Cack Handler Switch

    Did flyfishy get a new account? like..what?
  5. debarb salt flies?

    Bonefish yes, others no. Apparently tarpon guys fight between barbed and unbarbed as the barbless are easier to penetrate.. my thoughts are if i stick a permit or tarpon, i want every little bit of help i can get. You'll always find more bonefish..
  6. Looking to get a pontoon boat

    Talked to outcast about their new oarlock..apparently they tried to get it on the Commander and weren't able to make it work in a way that made them happy.....back to the drawing board for me. Still wondering if i can just bolt an oarlock into the plastic bit of the existing oarlocks..
  7. Looking to get a pontoon boat

    I just wish that someone with the frameless boats would make a better oarlock system. The $10 chinese stick-on oarlock is a joke when it comes to being what keeps you alive. I've broken 3 of them on my scadden, replaced with the same piece from watermaster and same issue.. too much torque on something essentially plastic. The new outcast boats have a great looking oarlock, just not sure there is a way to get that same thing on a 1 person raft.. or why they didnt include it on their new single person boat.
  8. Not to say i told you so... Water Act applications are taking 400+ days. Kind of funny to be able to get through the bureaucracy of DFO quicker then a provincial regulator.. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/calgary-water-access-rivers-province-delays-city-watercraft-launching-1.4557610
  9. Good Vice for large streamers

    Let's you change hooks easy, lets you use a much smaller hook for a large fly (way better on the fish, as well as stays in place better) can stack them for size, fly moves away from fish so lasts longer...ive converted to about 98% of my steelhead flies to tubes as they're so much better.. 100% of my chinook flies are tubes now. they just look a little funky
  10. Ding ding ding.. Funny how much people speak about caring for the resource, yet can't get a dozen people to volunteer for a restoration event, or the ones that do arent actually that into angling..
  11. Word lately from Water Act is 400 days for approval..hope they accelerate it for Not-for-profits
  12. Just gonna throw this out there, do you have your Water Act and Temporary Field Authorizarion submitted or in place?
  13. Salt water wading footwear

    Yikes, 4E might be a bit much. Simms typically have the widest
  14. Think most people don't actually realize that TUCs mandate is the following: " To conserve, protect and restore Canada’s freshwater ecosystems and their coldwater resources for current and future generations." With that mandate, it pretty much has to be supportive of a closure that's goal is to "conserve, protect and restore". With that, there is obviously some benefits for anglers, but they are not an angler group. Something like the Backcountry Hunters and Anglers group is a little more angler-driven with their mission.
  15. I don’t think you’ll see barbless anytime soon due to the complications in how they set up the Alberta Fisheries Act under the federal Fisheries Act. Currently they have say they have zero way of doing it. Unsure how BC was able to, except that DFO doesn’t allow barbed gear for nearshore (so probably why). Funny to think that closing a river entirely is less onerous then a gear restriction.