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  1. Thats where this whole thing makes no sense..it's the TSX version of Crypto I'm in for a small position on LHSIF
  2. Great time to stock up flies... my box improved dramatically today
  3. Salt water wading footwear

    Just cheapo cotton 6pack or whatever it is from Walmart. Huck em at the end of the trip.
  4. Salt water wading footwear

    The orvis zippered booties are good. Biggest thing is wearing a long sock to keep sand out... that’s what kills ya. My feet were toast after using wading sandals and having rocks and coral work there way in
  5. Shuttle Service

    One time I didn’t want to spend the extra so he moved my truck down to carseland that day. My mom got a call from the cops the next day as my truck was reported down there overnight, so they figured I hit the weir... was a good voicemail to get once signal came back. i started using his ‘overnight’ Service after that
  6. Opst from the boat

    roll/spey casting and driftboats leaves many a rower discontent...
  7. https://www.aspb.ab.ca/events/Fishes_of_Alberta-Field_Identification_Workshop one in Calgary in February
  8. Shuttle Service

    Lois Shotton also does it. No idea if she has a website or what
  9. Probably easiest to email Shona and find out: https://sites.google.com/site/albertafishidentification/about-me she typically does one in Calgary with ASPB every year?
  10. Not sure what that 10times site is, but it’s definitely not the shows normal site so I’d reserve judgement to see if that’s the actual date
  11. BWO

    baitfish makes sense? Maybe boatmen?
  12. BWO

    Really obvious when you see them doing the bug-train. They fly to the top of a riffle, land, float down and eat bugs, then fly back to the top and ride the train again for hours.
  13. BWO

    ice on the river has made me forlorn.. but saw gulls crashing a riffle on the drive yesterday so im sure there was some baetis/midge action
  14. BWO

    Ya, that was the year that virtually anyone could have caught a fish on top and they were easy to find as they were all eating dries like 12" cutthroat... i miss those years haha
  15. BWO

    ya really depends on the year. forget which one it was, but there was a spring ~5 years ago that was absolutely nutty on midges, baetis and caddis all the way up to runoff. The following year they couldnt care less about the bugs on top except in pretty specific spots, even with the same number of bugs around..its super year dependent as there are tons of variables.