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  1. Introduction

    Hi Delray Look me up when your here i might be around to get you out for a float down the Bow River.
  2. Govt Native Trout Plan

    Its difficult to be hopeful when you see experts with decades of experience being ignored.
  3. do you find that this fly gets a lot of short takes with out the trailer hook?
  4. Opening day June 16th is on a Saturday this year. Its going to be a busy one out there.
  5. Shuttle Service

    The others might do this also but something i like about Mel is for a little bit extra he will keep your truck at his house overnight if you are doing a multi day float and camping on the river.
  6. Vibram soles

    Hodgman has a couple new boot systems out with interchangeable soles. They twist and lock in the system is WAY better than the korker system and the boots are bomb proof with great support. They are new this year and a redesign of their old boots. Their old boots were pretty crappy. They really got it right on the new design. They dont shrink when dry either.
  7. Shrinking g3s

    Ive had this problem also. Solution is a plastic bin full of water with a light disinfecting solution. Boots off toss em in the bin.
  8. tips for very flat water

    not mentioned also is compression waves. If you are walking out into the water if you make a wave by pushing water you will put them down. Sometimes it is painful how slow you need to move. In some spots it is near impossible not to do this with out shutting down the fish. So you need to wade out to position with as little disturbance as possible and just stand and wait for things to consistently start up again. Sometimes this takes 10 min sometimes 45. This is why i fish with a bobber. I don't have the patience for that *hit.
  9. Wading jacket ?

    I have Hodgmans 3 in 1. Its warm and on the rainiest of steelheading days-weeks it has kept me warm and dry for 3 seasons now. There are also hand warmers in both the removable liner and the waterproof jacket.
  10. New Format, or what?

    I wish with the change they would have made pictures easier to post.
  11. I second what Burning has said. For example i think the TFO BVK casts like garbage but i know Lots of people who love them; However i think the TFO Impact is an amazing rod and one of my favorite rods out of a lot of other very expensive rods that i own. It really is all about what works for you, I would also mention that as you are looking for a rod the same brand and wt in a rod will cast totally different according to its length. Test the length you intend to buy.
  12. Heading To The Skeena?

    Seems like a management issue to me after reading the article
  13. Too Warm To Fish?

    bcube Bron you are both invited to come fishing on my boat any time only condition is it needs to be both of you at the same time.
  14. Bull Trout In The Bow River

    There are some resident ones below police that i see every year floating by. I haven't seen them this year but they are big ones.
  15. Bow River Access Plan

    People want jet boats off the river. Ill trade mine in as soon as they put a couple more launches between police and Mac. As it stands now the only way for me to get a float in after work is to have a boat with power. Drift boat is a far better tool for the Bow however i would never use it with our limited access. I hope access is improved.