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  1. I called in to book some back country reservations and it turns out that it has all been moved to online bookings now. The system is actually pretty good and will be way better than the phone in method. What really ticks me off is there used to be a 90 day limit to pre booking your reservation but this year they opened all booking January 1st. So everything is totally booked up. I don't feel like i live under a rock but i never heard anything about this change. How did i miss this? Did anyone else? Was there any effort put forward by parks Canada to inform the public? I guess the positive side to this is i will spend the summer now outside the park exploring the hidden corners of crown land and Kananaskis. Something i have wanted to do for ages but never given it the time.
  2. incredible!!! any fishing along the way. What is the total KM of the trail? How many days would it take?
  3. Pike fishing ???

    Any lake that is connected to the irrigation system is going to have pike in it. Bigger the water bigger population of big pike smaller the water still lots of fish but the population of bigger ones is going to be less. Nice thing about spring is the pike haven't gone deep yet so fishing from shore is possible. Look on google earth there are lots of lakes withing 20 min of Calgary that hook up with the irrigation system that are full of pike. Look for back bays and transition lines. A friend was East of Calgary about 30min the other day and he said the pike were in 1 to 2 feet of water they had 60 to 70 pike to the boat all around 24 to 30" .
  4. newbie question

    Just tie a perfection loop out of 25 lb florocarbon and albright knot that to the end of your line. then you will have a loop at the end and no need to snip anymore.
  5. South Boat Launches

    Bron i cant remember what year it was maybe the flood year they did some grading to the road and added a bunch of rock. The road is actually the best it has ever been. I pulled out of there on some very wet days and the road was fine. I dont think it got rutted out at all last year. Compared to years before they added the gravel. Years before i can remember doing a controlled slide down the hill into the corners then backing up maneuvering the corner and sliding to the next ........ so much fun.
  6. Policeman's Flats Closures in April

    Maxwell posted a video on instagram of heavy equipment in the river and it looked to me that they were working on the rocks at the end of the Big berm
  7. Policeman's Flats Closures in April

    Hi Peter Will there be barriers installed to stop vehicles from driving along the bank of the river?
  8. One of the Biggest browns i have ever caught was using this exact technique.
  9. FOR RENT: 1652 Crestliner Jet Boat. Starting in August or September for a couple months or so.
  10. Consistent catch of Browns over 28"

    Ive hooked up with several over 30" every year but never had them to hand. PS-Careful Monger. If you offend the wrong bait chucker on that forum you could get a lifetime Ban.
  11. Oar storage

    can you post a link? Thanks
  12. Introduction

    Hi Delray Look me up when your here i might be around to get you out for a float down the Bow River.
  13. Govt Native Trout Plan

    Its difficult to be hopeful when you see experts with decades of experience being ignored.
  14. do you find that this fly gets a lot of short takes with out the trailer hook?
  15. Opening day June 16th is on a Saturday this year. Its going to be a busy one out there.