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  1. Felt Soled Boots

    I have one set of felts for the bow (and for while in a boat) and one sticky rubber with studs to fish mtn streams (disinfect in a mild bleach sol & dry between streams) but Quat is probably a bit better as the bleach can eat through stitching, etc..
  2. Loving the Julbo Montebianco (they are a European manufacture). Every time I meet the rep at one of our (mountain) guide events I've been trying to convince them to design a fishing line of sunglasses... Still trying. I use the Chameleon (Cat 2 to 4 Polarized)! Love them! Just need to get them changed to a Rx now (don't want to learn how much that will be). Supposedly Julbo has the fastest polychrome technology, but who knows... https://julbo-canada.ca/collections/mountain-sunglasses/products/montebianco Also had the bivouac (same lens) but they were too big for my face. Sold them to a guy on the Redneck board and he said they were the best sunglasses he has ever used! P
  3. PM Jayhad or if CopperJohnny is still alive, he’s done some work for me before. P
  4. Recommendations for a 4 weight rod

    I have several "Dry Fly" specific (small stream, Alpine Lake and Bow River rods) all are graphite. 7' 2wt, 7'6" 3 wt 8',/8'9/9' (x2) 4wt. For clients I offer 9' 4wt & 5 wt - specifically for alpine lakes. Traditional action (soft) and Med/Fast action both work with my casting stroke (have to adjust slightly). Haven't tried glass, but people who fish glass LOVE them, as do folks that fish grass (bamboo)! Shorter rods tend to be more accurate (but obviously depends on your skill), plus work better within overgrown streams. As with any rod, match something to your price point and casting stroke. Test cast a bunch, and I mean a bunch! Go to a dedicated fly shop with well trained staff. If you have a reel already lined, bring it with you, if not consider something that will balance the rod properly (which is where a dedicated fly shop comes in). Be sure to go with a quality manufacture that has parts to repair the rod (b/c inevitably you will break a tip or section fishing small streams)! Peter
  5. Jared, Yup started March 1st. Nifty system. Jasper has had it for a few years now. At least you’ll now be able to see what’s available in advance. I have a couple of Taylor Lake spots open in Aug if you want. I might be able to transfer them. Lemme know. P
  6. The 2nd last photo is of the Needle and Prison (area is known as the Quiraing) and the last photo is of the “Man of Storr”. All form part of the Trotternish Ridge.
  7. Jared, Total length is approximately 130 Km and as I mentioned 7 stages (we planned on 5 ). The longest being the 2nd. We planned a day for each stage ( which is realistic if you get through stage 2 in 1 day and are in very good shape). We were forced to bail after stage 3 (at a planned resupply in Portree where stage 3 ends), due to weather - next 3 days were pissing rain and it wouldn’t be fun on exposed ridges with 50 Kph winds (the rain is horizontal on Skye)! The first 3 stages are by far the best as far as scenery. Stage 5 would have put us at the base of the Cullin’s Range and we had planned on doing some scrambles but there was ZERO viz, so couldn’t even attempt anything. The one bivy camp we had at a small Loch had a bunch of small rising fish (presume trout). Not worth bringing gear (plus we had to be at 20 kg duecto flights with Ryanair). Beyond that, it was the most incredible ridge for the 28.5 Km and once up there you were committed as there was no relief no water, nor escape. There was 1 wind wall built up there, but it provided no relief whatsoever!! It would have been epic in a storm. We had a hard enough time in 50 kph winds!! It, along with the boggy terrain sucked the energy out of every step! I’ll post some of Deb’s photos when I get a chance.
  8. Hiking the Skye Trail was the entire reason for our trip to Ireland and the UK. All I can say is that this was one of the best backpacking trips We have ever done! EVER!! Spectacular is an understatement! The trail is broken up into 7 stages. The few photos attached are of the first 3, and cover over 56 km (with the 2nd being a whopping 28.5 km, the longest single day Deb and I have ever done). When you look at them, every ridge you see in the photos, we either came from or hiked to (Yes even those ones you see in the very distance)! They seemed to never end, but were so incredibly beautiful!
  9. It was a wee bit chilly on the River Ness today. Spoke to Mike and the boys rigging up. The Inverness Angling Club was founded in 1917 and has several shacks along their 3 mile stretch of the Ness River. You can buy a day permit to fish and members can exchange permits with other clubs in Scotland to fish other rivers. On rivers with private beats, you can also buy day permits. Maybe we should get some signs like this for dog owners and kids along the Bow!!
  10. Mountan trout streams Alberta

    To hell with copyright laws, eh Jay!!
  11. Red deer river

    You might want to check the regs before heading out!!
  12. Online Source for Big Streamers

    Rockymtnflies@gmail.com rhett ties for a few shops in town
  13. North Sask Regional Plan

    Marc , You are so astute! Me... not so much!! P P.S. Title corrected
  14. Apparently they are still looking for feedback? Dear friends, The Government of Alberta is currently in the process of developing a Regional Plan for the North Saskatchewan Region of Alberta. The plan will provide the policy integration, direction and clarity needed to help guide decisions that collectively reflect and support the needs and values of Albertans; it will help to achieve Alberta’s long-term economic, environmental, indigenous and social outcomes for the region. Regional plans are a key element of the Land Use Framework (LUF), which was released in December 2008. The LUF establishes seven land-use regions and commits to the development of a regional plan for each. The next step in the planning process for the North Saskatchewan Regional Plan is the public release of the Recommendations Report from the North Saskatchewan Regional Advisory Council. Established in 2014, the Regional Advisory Council was comprised of individuals with a cross-section of knowledge, experience, and perspective in the region who were appointed to develop recommendations to government on how to address the region’s issues and challenges. Advice from the RAC, in addition to feedback from the public and stakeholders, will guide development of the draft land use plan for this region. You are invited to: Read the North Saskatchewan Regional Advisory Council’s Recommendations Document available at: Recommendations Document Provide your input in the online survey through May 4, 2018 at: Online survey The release of the draft regional plan will initiate another round of consultation to gather feedback before the plan is finalized. We appreciate your input regarding Alberta’s regional plans. If you have any questions or comments please contact the Land Use Secretariat. Land Use Secretariat 6th Floor, Forestry Building, 9920-108 St. Edmonton AB T5K 2M4 Telephone: 780-644-7972/780-644-7973 Email: LUF@gov.ab.ca For more information regarding land-use regional planning in Alberta, visit LANDUSE.ALBERTA.CA. To receive land-use regional planning information in the future, click SUBSCRIBE. To remove your email address from this distribution list, click UNSUBSCRIBE
  15. Deb and I are on a ski tour of the Koots and it's was pissin rain up high today so we decided to tour the local natural history museum in Nelson (very cool exhibit, by the way). Came upon this cool story about an early fly fishing guide, from Norway, by the name of Ole Skattebo... The cool part IMO, was his attitude (elitist to some, I'm sure) "Holding others to high standard. Ole allowed no trolling. He frowned deeply at drinking and carousing. He was known to be unable to find a boat or those who did not behave the way he thought a fly fisherman should". Words of wisdom in this (our present) day and age!!