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  1. Power drifters etc

    If you get one, remember to keep up the tradition of acting like a total as*hole and picking fist fights with bank anglers and driving up into the city section!! I'm sure most of the old guys on here will get that reference!!
  2. Pinched barbs on 20s

    Just a point of clarification... "Legally", you do NOT have to pinch the barbs in Alberta!
  3. Alaska: Aniak River Lodge

  4. Hardy horizon fly line

    Yeah I made that mistake once when a shop swore that a Loop Line was the best line ever! . Turned out to be the crappiest line ever!! Go with what you know!! p
  5. Wasp next in drift boat

    I think you need to use your boat more!!
  6. Paul, I agree! I've also had a not so positive exp. with Costco customer service relating to tires!! Peter
  7. Gang I have a mountain guide colleague that is trying to set up a multiple activity tour for next June. Fishing is on the list Not the best options locally ( Bow is certainly run off dependant). Anyone know of options in or around Golden (FYI, he is looking at hiring a local guide). I’ve suggested the Elk as an option but not sure they are able to go that far south... Fortress might be an option, as well pending how deep the client’s pockets are) Anyone have other ideas? feel free to send a PM Thanks Peter
  8. Thanks for the recommendation.One of our other guide has her  

    I start a 5 day fishing trip tomorrow Sunshine to Shark . I need the break . BNP has been a *hit show this year 


    1. ÜberFly


      Yes it has! I was guiding on Friday up at Helen and Egypt lake Sat - Mon.

      Are you on Instagram? Mine is "the_alpine_expereince"

      You might see a Yam group somewhere up there. The guide is Lenny (Lenora). I teach AST with her. Say Hi. They were in at Egypt with us for a night.

      Be safe have fun!


    2. Nachako


      No instagram for me. I just go back and honestly I kinda stayed clear of everyone and just fished and climbed

      back to the *hit show tomorrow have a group going up to Hellen/dolimite to start my week. 

  9. If only I was farsighted!
  10. Jason, I have had good luck with a "ridged footbed" (Superfeet, etc.), but with Metatarsal pain, your best bet will probably be a custom orthotic (research is all over the place with those), but I have had fairly good results after many appts to adjust (though I DO NOT wear them in my wading boots) I got half the cost covered through my benefits at work. Not sure how a custom orthotic would last getting wet all the time... I do know that SIMMS makes a rigid type foot bed but they are probably fairly expensive compared to the Superfeet brand... In my opinion/exp, with your symptoms, the easiest and least expensive option would be go to the local drug store and and grab a set of "metatarsal pads" (rubber as opposed to felt) and glue one in on your current footbed inside your wading boot (in the spot where there is pain), and then go from there... Just be careful putting your foot in and out of that boot so you don't tear it out... P
  11. New Hank

    For those that have not seen it yet...
  12. Didn’t see a second vid... I’ll take a look!
  13. Good job, be sure to get the "file number" to collect your reward. How can they put the face to the video, so to speak, you don't actually see anyone reeling in the fish?
  14. Log Haul near North Ram River

    Don't shoot the messenger Jason! I'm just listing the facts - humans have free will to do what they want/wish! As I previously mentioned, the majority (most) don't licence their radios, obviously it's not high on the Gov't's priority list to follow-up... P