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  1. Fish Handling

    We have fishing shows on tv showing so called professional anglers picking fish up by the gill covers, then the next shows another pro not using a landing net with the fish floundering about while he insists on showing us how good he is at gripping the fish upside down, I was wondering how people are educated about fish handling, just an observation but I find people that behave like arseholes while fishing do so in all their daily activities
  2. Red deer river

    Just for you fishinglibin, weirdo lol
  3. Red deer river

    Thinking more of summer Uber
  4. Worked near drumheller this week, great access for the red deer river, what’s the trout fishing like in that area
  5. Ice free bow

    Thanks, maybe leave it for a few weeks then lol
  6. Wondering how far down from Calgary the bow would be ice free to fly fish, don’t know the river at all so the thought of standing on an ice ledge to fish doesn’t appeal to me