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  1. Pike fishing ???

    Go to Badger Lake, by Lomond.. Lots of big Pike and lot's of Bays, which can fish well..
  2. I went to the Calgary store on Friday. Not much stock and no super deals. Orange tag, Dutch Auctions on most everything left. They are staying open until May27. I must say that I hated the management and that they had the worst returns policy. Happy to see them go !
  3. Photo looked good and respectful. Not sure why anyone would get bent.. I haven't been here that long, but it seems like a good core of Sportsman, and a few anal dickheads.. I have always been catch and release, but also my view on fish, was that for those who like to harvest.. Okay by me as long as within the regulations. Everybody should try to do a good job and return the fish to the water unharmed.. Keep in mind that we live in a society filled with **** ups and malcontents..
  4. NRS Drift Boats

    I am wondering what the performance verdict was on the smaller NRS Drift Boat. I see that Bow River Troutfitters is no longer representing these boats. I am looking for a smaller boat which I can either trailer or inflate as needed for smaller waters. I have had a 13' NRS self bailing raft in the past, but this boat looks like a big upgrade.. Think St. Marys river, Oldman etc etc.. Hopefully someone has experience..
  5. Hello; I have read that the Bow River Org has plans on a semi fix on the boat launch at Policeman's Flats. Is that work going to occur this season? I have avoided drifting into or out of that launch since the flood of 2013. I had a couple of close calls and decided to just fish elsewhere.. I do miss that upper stretch and am curious. Thanks for any info.
  6. Country Pleasures

    I asked if anyone knew if they were still in the guiding business. Which based upon the fact that they still have a website, might be possible.. Anyone ?
  7. Hi People; I am curious as to the fall out from this business closure. I see that 1 of there web sites is still active. Are they still in the guiding business ? Not much news out there about this closure and how it effects the people who bought gift cards in December. I got 1 for X-Mas for $50 and I guess it is now a memento..I also know of 1 party of 2 who booked last fall. No returns of e-mails.. Curious as to what happened etc.